Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Winter Edition 2010 Volume 2

The sun is out and yesterday’s snow is melting away. I got up early and headed out to Waffle House (they’ve got the best coffee in the world, hands down) and was driving down Cheshire Bridge Road admiring all the beauty that had accumulated all around me. It was fun to watch it all melt right off the powerlines with ice falling everywhere. Sadly, Rick left work early yesterday and it took him over three hours to get home. Consequently, he was in a pissy mood once he got here and wasn’t up for making a snowman. Maybe next time.

Yesterday, I was moving into a discussion about Valentines Day. Now I’m sorry, this is nothing more than another corporate bullshit holiday, designed to part consumers with their money. Now, if you’re honey is all tweaked because you didn’t get them anything, then they really don’t love you. Frankly, love and appreciation should be given to those you care most about all year long. You don’t need any specific day where society dictates how you should show your appreciation for another. For me, sometimes I would show up with flowers for no reason; sometimes I would make reservations at a nice restaurant and spring it on Rick, even though there was no occasion to celebrate; sometimes I would pick him up a nice shirt or shoes when I was at the mall, not because he needed them, but because I thought he would like them; while other times I’ll give it up even when I wasn’t in the mood [grin]. Rick is also a voracious reader and once the dust settles on the competing technologies, I plan on springing an e-reader on him later this year for no other reason than I want to. No need to worry, he doesn’t read my blog.

Nevertheless, this day of love has been so ingrained into our brains since childhood (remember the stupid VD cards you used to buy a box of and give them out to your teachers, friends and that someone special who put a twinkle in your eye), that it’s hard to ignore. So in keeping with that tradition, I created the perfect cover art for all those who have been affected by cupid’s arrow. Yes, I am a marketing genius and know full well, how to play the game. In fact, I think the Winter Edition would be a perfect gift for the one you love. [grin]

Now that I’ve probably sapped all the love in your heart(s), let me inject some passion back into you. This second set picks up where the first left off. In fact, I originally made it as one long set when I didn’t think there would be enough for two. A couple brand spanking new tunes came in this week that was so worthwhile, I extended the mix and then broke it into two pieces. Using the synth line from Olive’s classic “You’re Not Alone,” Major Laser and Nina Sky’s “Keep It Goin Louder” has been on heavy rotation in my brain for several weeks now. The Superchumbo mix kicks it up several notches making it peak-time ready for those late night floors. Kim Sozzi is back with the ultra-hot “Secret Love,” which also has an amazing Wendel Kos mix that will make its debut on the next BPM Edition.

PFF (Party Favorz Favorite) Inaya Day is back with the smoking “All I’m Sayin’” that delivers some hard-hitting progressive beats while pulling a positive vibe. Equally, Georgia Brown’s “Love 4 Real” is as solid as they come with DJ Fist really working this one out. Currently, these two songs are in Masterbeat’s Top two must have list.

Probably the biggest (and I mean BIGGEST) song here is Kristine W’s “The Power of Music.” With her trademark power vocals and Tony Moran’s massive production, you can expect to be hearing this song in all of its incarnations throughout the spring. With remixes by Tony, Groove Police, Wideboys, Joe Gauthreaux and more, there’s something here for everyone. Looks like she’s well on her way to another #1 off of her amazing album by the same title. Check out the ultra HOT video below.

It’s turned out to be a gorgeous day here in the ATL, but I’m not going to be able to experience it. I’ve signed on for a couple more projects, which I”m actually going to get paid for, so I’ll have to wrap things up here. As such, let me leave you with one last note from Alan T:

“It’s 2010 bitch, GET INTO IT!”


Album : Winter Edition 2010
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:09:56:00

Track : 1
Title : Keep It Goin Louder (Superchumbo Louder Remix)
Artist : Major Laser feat. Nina Sky

Track : 2
Title : Give It Up To Me (Henry Guzman Overdose Remix)
Artist : Shakira

Track : 3
Title : Secret Love (Stellar Project Remix)
Artist : Kim Sozzi

Track : 4
Title : Can You Hear Me (Filipe Guerra & E-Thunder Remix)
Artist : Altar feat. Amannda

Track : 5
Title : Get Into It (Alexander & Mark VDH Mix)
Artist : Alexander & Mark VDH feat. Alan T

Track : 6
Title : The Power of Music (Tony Moran ML Club)
Artist : Kristine W

Track : 7
Title : Fancy Free (DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious Club Mix)
Artist : Sun

Track : 8
Title : Alive (Homeaffairs Remix)
Artist : Ronnie Maze feat. Jennifer Cella

Track : 9
Title : All I’m Sayin’ (Just Hold On) (Lenny B Club Mix)
Artist : Inaya Day & Nick Jay

Track : 10
Title : Hard (Spin Sista Club Mix)
Artist : Rihanna feat. Jeezy

Track : 11
Title : Love 4 Real (DJ Fist Remix)
Artist : Georgia Brown

Track : 12
Title : You Are (Ralphi Rosario Extended Club Mix)
Artist : Tony Moran feat. Frenchie Davis

Track : 13
Title : Give It To Me (Ralphie Rosario Vocal)
Artist : Ono

Track : 14
Title : Licky (Ralphi Rosario Sticky Radio Edit)
Artist : Shontelle

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