Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

90s House Music Classics: A Journey Through 1992 – 1993 Volume 2

Get ready to groove as Party Favorz dishes out the second volume of 90s House Music Classics, covering the magical years of 1992 to 1993. This volume is packed with dance floor heat, chart-toppers, and timeless sensations that can awaken any dance enthusiast’s soul.

Kicking things off with Chaka Khan’s string-infused Garage Mix of “Love You All My Lifetime,” this set pays homage to the Diva Hall of Fame inductees. Martha Wash follows suit with “Give It To You” (Momo’s Klub Mix), a testament to her fresh success following collaborations with Black Box and C + C Music Factory.

The journey continues with chart-toppers from Lil’ Louis, like “Club Lonely” and the soul-stirring “Saved My Life” featuring the fabulous Joi Cardwell. The spotlight then shifts to newcomers who dominated the charts such as Saint Etienne’s “Nothing Can Stop Us,” Opus III’s “It’s A Fine Day,” Sunscreem’s “Love U More” (Farley & Heller Heavy Club Mix), and Blue Pearl’s “[Can You] Feel the Passion.”

One track that stands tall in this volume is “It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day” by The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M., a global dance sensation stemming from C + C Music Factory and gracing the famed “Bodyguard” soundtrack. The David Morales Def Mix of “I’ll Be Your Friend” by Robert Owens, Maurice’s Club Mix of “Hey Mr. D.J.” by Zhane, and the Union City Mix of “The New Anthem” by Reel 2 Real featuring Erick More are just a few of the tunes that make this collection shine.

These 90s House Music Classics reflect a time when DJs were experimenting with transitions, moving away from the middle breaks popular in the 80s. It’s a detail that only adds to the charm of this collection, capturing a unique musical moment in time.

The flawless mixing, epic music, and painstaking remastering of tracks like the Kenlou B Boy Mix of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” by Saint Etienne and David Morales’ 12″ Dance Mix of Pet Shop Boys’ “Where The Streets Have No Name” (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You) showcase why these sets are so thrilling.

While we await the final set of this two-year exploration, Party Favorz assures that this musical escape is here to help you through life’s challenges. Let the melodies be that unchanging constant, bringing light to the tunnel.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : The Ultimate 90’s House Classics [1992 – 1993] Vol. 2
Genre : 90’s Classic House
Year : 2020
Total Time : 2:55:26

1. Chaka Khan – Love You All My Lifetime (Garage Mix with Strings)

2. Martha Wash – Give It To You (Momo’s Klub Mix)

3. Robert Owens – I’ll Be Your Friend (David Morales Def Mix)

4. Juliet Roberts – Free Love (Morales Classic Mix)

5. CeCe Peniston – Keep On Walkin’ (Ultimix)

6. Lonnie Gordon – Happenin’ All Over Again (Jewel & Stone Club Mix)

7. Arrested Development – Mr Wendel (Perfecto Mix)

8. Lil’ Louis & The World – Club Lonely (Bellbottoms & Platforms Mix)

9. Kathy Sledge – Take Me Back To Love Again (Shelter Me Mix)

10. Desiya – Comin’ On Strong (Spagatini Mix)

11. Happy Mondays – Stinkin Thinkin (Junior Style)

12. Deee-Lite – Runaway (Masters At Work Dubb)

13. Bizarre Inc. feat. Angie Brown – Took My Love (Room 101 Mix)

14. The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. – It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 2)

15. Alison Limerick – Make It On My Own (12″ Club Mix)

16. Chic – Chic Mystique (Brothers In Rhythm 12″ Mix)

17. Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us (Hot Tracks Remix)

18. Zhane – Hey Mr. D.J. (Maurice’s Club Mix)

19. Smooth Touch – House Of Love (Seduction Mix)

20. Master At Work feat. India – I Can’t Get No Sleep (MK Mix)

21. Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Kenlou B Boy Mix)

22. Lil’ Louis & The World feat. Joi Cardwell – Saved My Life (Kenlou 12″)

23. Opus III – It’s A Fine Day (12″ Mix)

24. Sunscreem – Love U More (Farley & Heller Heavy Club Mix)

25. Pet Shop Boys – Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You) (David Morales 12″ Dance Mix)

26. DReam – U R The Best Thing (Perfecto Mix)

27. Mr. Fingers – Closer (Sasha Mix)

28. Reel 2 Real feat. Erick More – The New Anthem (Union City Mix)

29. Blue Pearl – (Can You) Feel The Passion (House Mix)

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