Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Old School House Music: 90s Club Anthems from 1994-1995 – Vol. 1

Embark on a nostalgic journey into the heart of Old School House Music with our Ultimate 90’s House Classics series, celebrating the vibrant years of 1994 to 1995. This era marked a significant transformation, introducing Classic House Tracks that are still admired today.

As we moved into the mid-90s, the interplay between Hip Hop and House Music began to fade, each genre charting its distinct path. However, the era was far from mundane; the budding Trance genre started teasing the mainstream, artists like Opus III and Josh Wink paving the way. Legends like Oakenfold and Rollo & Sister Bliss were creating waves with big room House tracks, setting the stage for their eventual renowned status.

Old School House Music during this time was filled with Soulful House legends like MAW, Frankie Knuckles, and David Morales. Commercial House music was flourishing with remixers like Love To Infinity, StoneBridge, Brothers In Rhythm, and Roger Sanchez. Underground sensations like Junior Vasquez, Tony Moran, and Armand Van Helden were crafting Big Room tracks that would soon conquer the club scene.

Unveiling this series is akin to opening a musical time capsule, filled with the Best 90s House Remixes that once ruled the dance floors but have since vanished from the collective memory. For instance, the “Beautiful People” mixed by C.J. became a timeless hit for Barbara Tucker. Aretha Franklin’s “A Deeper Love,” remixed by C + C Music Factory, symbolizes the era’s profound emotions.

Tracks like the Love To Infinity’s Classic Paradise Club Mix of Judy Cheeks’ “As Long As You’re Good To Me” or the MAW Style Mix of “Everybody Be Somebody” by Ruffneck feat. Yavahn represent the artistic brilliance of the time. Junior Vasquez’s Soundfactory Mix of “Your Loving Arms” by Billie Ray Martin captures the innovative spirit of the 90s Club Anthems.

The Ultimate 90s House Classics series is not just a collection; it’s a heartfelt tribute to an incredible era that shaped today’s music landscape. It revives the 90s Club Anthems, like the Junior Vasquez 10.31 Mix of “Keep In Touch (Body To Body)” by Shades Of Love, which once pulsated through speakers around the world.

Volume two of the Ultimate 90s House Classics from 1994-1995 is arriving soon. Until then, let these Old School House Music tracks transport you back to a time when dance floors were alive with energy and passion.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : The Ultimate 90’s House Classics [1994 – 1995] Vol. 1
Genre : 90’s Classic House
Year : 2021
Total Time : 2:50:00

1. Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People (C.J.’s Club Mix)

2. Michael Watford – So Into You (Classic Club Mix)

3. Gloria Estefan – Don’t Stop (Tony Moran Stress Test Mix)

4. M People – Excited (M People Master Mix)

5. Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang – Reach (Little More Mix)

6. Aretha Franklin – A Deeper Love (C + C Music Factory Mix)

7. Judy Cheeks – As Long As You’re Good To Me (Love To Infinity’s Classic Paradise Club Mix)

8. Mariah Carey – Fantasy (Def Club Mix)

9. Judy Cheeks – Reach (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)

10. Frankie Knuckles feat. Adeva – Whadda U Want (From Me) (K-Klass Mix)

11. Barbara Tucker – I Get Lifted (Underground Network)

12. Moné – We Can Make It (Jazz ‘n’ Groove 12″ Album Mix)

13. Ruffneck feat. Yavahn – Everybody Be Somebody (MAW Style Mix)

14. Opus III – When You Made the Mountain (Paul Gotel Club Mix)

15. Blondie – Atomic (Diddy’s 12″ Mix)

16. Billie Ray Martin – Your Loving Arms (Junior Vasquez Soundfactory Mix)

17. Kristine W – Feel What You Want (Junior’s NY Xtended Vocal)

18. Shades Of Love – Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (10.31 Mix)

19. De’Lacy – Hideaway (Dubfire Needs To Score Remix)

20. Judy Cheeks – Respect (The Ultimate Anthem Mix)

21. Labelle – Turn It Out (Shep’s Totally Turnt Out 12″ Anthem Edit)

22. The Waterlillies – Never Get Enough (Junior’s Deep Factory Mix)

23. Mary J. Blige – You Bring Me Joy (E-Smoove Joyous Club Mix)

24. Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – Scream (Classic Club Mix)

25. K.D. Lang feat. Andy Bell – No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Classic Club Mix)

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