Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Dive Into the Ultimate 90s House Music Classics: Volume 2

After girl groups dominated the nineties, the spotlight shifted to boy bands like Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and 98°. Meanwhile, TLC’s star began to wane due to internal discord. It was an era where the boundaries between pop and dance blurred, as 90s House Music made its mark on the club scene.

At a time when Classic House Tracks were rarely heard on the radio, major labels expertly maneuvered their stars from the airwaves to the dance floors. The expertise of legendary 90s House DJs like Hex Hector, Davidson Ospina, Soul Solution, Thunderpuss, Pablo Flores, and Jonathan Peters played a vital role in this transformation.

Moloko’s “Sing It Back” was given life by the Boris Musical Mix, while the Hex Hector club mix of “Find Another Woman” by Reina became an instant hit. Jessica Simpson’s “I Wanna Love You Forever” was reinvented by the Soul Solution Extended Club Vocal Version. Chris “The Greek” Panaghi turned TLC’s “No Scrubs” into an Iconic 90s Dance Hits, and the list goes on.

Gloria Estefan’s “Oye” resonated with the Hex Hector remix, while Funky Green Dogs’ “Body” was transformed by the Club 69 Future Mix. Whitney Houston collaborated with Faith Evans & Kelly Price for “Heartbreak Hotel,” and its Hex Hector Club Mix became one of the unforgettable 90s Club Anthems.

In Classic House Tracks like 98°’s “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche),” the Hex Hector remix took center stage. Britney Spears’ “Sometimes” was reborn through the Thunderpuss remix, which transformed the pop song into a massive tribal house anthem.

Among the Iconic 90s Dance Hits, “Mucho Mambo (Sway)” by Shaft occupies a special place. Released in 1999, the song skillfully blends Latin rhythms with house beats to create a danceable groove that resonates with both house enthusiasts and mainstream audiences. Its playful fusion of horns, percussion, and traditional Mambo, set against the backdrop of modern electronic sounds, marks “Mucho Mambo (Sway)” as a timeless classic in 90s House Music. Shaft’s innovative yet authentic approach to this track ensures its continued celebration as one of the era’s unforgettable dance floor anthems.

This compilation offers a nostalgic journey through 90s House Music, bringing together Iconic 90s Dance Hits, Classic House Tracks, and the era’s top remixers. The dance floor’s pulsating rhythm, the DJs’ creativity, and the timeless appeal of these tracks continue to resonate today.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : The Ultimate 90’s House Classics [1998 – 1999] Vol.2
Genre : 90’s Classic House
Year : 2021
Total Time : 3:14:28

1. Backstreet Boys – All I Have To Give (Davidson Ospina Club Mix)

2. NSYNC & Gloria Estefan – Music Of My Heart (Hex Hector 12″ Club Mix)

3. Aretha Franklin – A Rose Is Still A Rose (Hex Hector Club Mix)

4. Frankie Knuckles pres. Satoshi Tomiie – Tears (Full Intention Mix)

5. Mariah Carey – I Still Believe (Morales Classic Club Mix)

6. Janet Jackson – Go Deep (Masters At Work Thunder Mix)

7. Moloko – Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)

8. Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom – Can’t Get High Without U (Eric Kupper Classic Funk Mix)

9. Backstreet Boys – I’ll Never Break Your Heart (Davidson Ospina Extended Club Mix)

10. Reina – Find Another Woman (Hex Hector Main Club Mix)

11. Ricky Martin – She’s All I Ever Had (Hex Hector 12″ Club Mix)

12. Jessica Simpson – I Wanna Love You Forever (Soul Solution Extended Club Vocal Version)

13. Ace Of Base – Cruel Summer (KLM Club Mix)

14. Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy (Lenny Bertoldo X-mix)

15. TLC – No Scrubs (Chris “The Greek” Panaghi Remix)

16. 98° – Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) (Hex Hector Club Mix)

17. Shaft – Mucho Mambo (Sway) (Original Club Mix)

18. Gloria Estefan – Oye (Hex Hector 12″ Mix)

19. NSYNC – I Want You Back (Denny & Pepe’s Symphonic Mix)

20. Danny Tenaglia + Celeda – Music Is The Answer (Dancin’ And Prancin’) (Original 12″ Mix)

21. Yaz – Don’t Go ’99 (Tee’s Freeze Mix)

22. Funky Green Dogs – Until The Day (Club 69 Future Mix)

23. Martha Wash – Catch The Light (Sound Factory Club Mix)

24. Simply Red – Ain’t That A Lot Of Love (Club 69 Underground Club Mix)

25. Funky Green Dogs – Body (Club 69 Future Mix)

26. Whitney Houston feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price – Heartbreak Hotel (Hex Hector Club Mix)

27. Monica – The First Night (Razor N’ Guido Mix)

28. Jody Watley – Off The Hook (Soul Solution Mix)

29. Britney Spears – Sometimes (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)

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