Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

90s House Classics 1994 – 1995 Vol. 3: Nostalgia Meets the Dance Floors

Are you ready to dive back into the thrilling world of 90s House? The Ultimate 90’s House Classics 1994 – 1995 Volume 3 showcases some of the Best 90s House Remixes and Classic House Tracks that capture the unique spirit and innovation of this incredible era.

Starting strong with M People’s “Moving On Up,” we’re greeted with a vibrant anthem that perfectly represents the optimism and energy of the 90s. This track’s uplifting lyrics and soulful delivery became a staple of the decade, echoing the desire for progression and self-improvement.

We then ascend to Wink’s “Higher State of Consciousness,” an electronic masterpiece that played a significant role in moving house music towards a more psychedelic and immersive experience. This track’s hypnotic rhythms and futuristic sounds introduced a new dimension to the 90s dance scene, marking a turning point in the genre’s evolution.

The Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix for Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love ’95” provides a nostalgic yet fresh take on a disco classic. It’s an exhilarating reminder of how timeless pieces can be reimagined, connecting generations through music.

As for the controversial “Short Dick Man” by 20 Fingers (J.J. Energy Mix), this irreverent track showcases the provocative side of 90s house. Its bold lyrics and catchy beat brought a mischievous flair to the dance floor, making it a memorable hit for many.

Moving into deeper and more soulful territory, tracks like “What Hope Have I” by Sphinx feat. Sabrina Johnston, MK’s “Love Changes” featuring Alana, and Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love” display the emotional depth and melodic richness of Classic House Tracks. These songs are a testament to the genre’s versatility, blending thought-provoking lyrics with captivating beats.

The David Morales remix of River Ocean’s “Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun)” brings a touch of Latin flavor and spiritual essence to the mix. With its infectious rhythm and India’s powerful vocals, it’s a track that transcends cultural boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide.

“I Believe” by Sound of Blackness (Classic Gospel Mix) offers an uplifting spiritual journey, while K.D. Lang’s “Lifted By Love” (Elevate Your Love Mix) contributes a sense of exploration and transcendent love. Both tracks encapsulate the diversity of themes and styles found in the Best 90s House Remixes.

Volume 3 of the Ultimate 90’s House Classics from 1994 – 1995 serves as a sonic time capsule, preserving the rich tapestry of the 90s dance scene. Whether you’re a veteran club-goer or a new fan discovering these gems for the first time, this collection offers a glimpse into a vibrant era of musical innovation and expression.

Join us in celebrating the 90s House, where nostalgia meets the dance floor, creativity knows no bounds, and the rhythm of the night still pulses in our hearts.

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : The Ultimate 90’s House Classics [1994 – 1995] Vol. 3
Genre : 90’s Classic House
Year : 2021
Total Time : 2:32:28

1. Billie Ray Martin – Running Around Town (BT’s Jacobs Ladder Mix)

2. Blondie – Heart Of Glass (Richie Jones Club Mix)

3. Staxx – You (Matthews Love Power Mix)

4. Reel 2 Real feat. The Mad Stuntman – Can You Feel It (Roger’s Bass Hit Mix)

5. M People – Moving On Up (Select Mix Remix)

6. Patra – Worker Man (Phat And Insane)

7. Wink – Higher State of Consciousness (DJ Wink’s Hardhouse Mix)

8. Donna Summer – I Feel Love ’95 (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)

9. 20 Fingers – Short Dick Man (J.J. Energy Mix)

10. Our Tribe – Love Come Home (Dignity Piano Mix)

11. Sphinx feat. Sabrina Johnston – What Hope Have I (The Big Mix)

12. Saundra Williams – I Want It , I Need It (Real Love) (MK Real Dub)

13. MK feat. Alana – Love Changes (MK Mix)

14. Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love (Club Mix)

15. Barbara Tucker – Stay Together (Frankie Feliciano Broken ‘Edit’ Mix)

16. Celine Dion – Misled (Richie Jones Club Mix)

17. River Ocean feat. India – Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun) (Morales Club Mix)

18. Rozalla – I Love Music (Stone’s Club Mix)

19. Londonbeat – Come Back (Morales Club Mix)

20. Deep Forest – Deep Forest (Flying Away Mix)

21. Ultra Nate – Show Me (Masters At Work Club Mix)

22. Sound Of Blackness – I Believe (Classic Gospel Mix)

23. K.D. Lang – Lifted By Love (Elevate Your Love Mix)

24. Donna Summer – Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Junior Vasquez DMC Remix)

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