Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Deep Edition 2008 Volume 10 [Take 2]

Sorry for the delay in getting this out today.  I’ve been bogged down with router issues and on the phone with Linksys pretty much all morning.  Then, my mom calls and she’s having computer problems.  Since she’s in Texas and I’m in Georgia, I usually just log into her computer and fix whatever needs fixing.  This time, her monitor is out.  After troubleshooting with her over the phone, I came to the conclusion she needs a new monitor.  Of course, she decided it would be best to get a newer and faster computer…LOL.  All she needed was an excuse to take it to my dad (even if her CPU was fine, he doesn’t know anything about computers).

Anyway, I can use my employee discount from Dell and pick out a really sweet deal for her.  I called a buddy of mine back home who’s in IT, and he agreed to go over and set it up for her and transfer all of her files at no charge.  At least, that will save me a lot of time on the phone with her.  I went ahead and got her the 4 year extended warranty so I can now just refer her to Dell when she has a problem…LOL.  I built my computer about 2 1/2 years ago and was thinking about swapping the motherboard and processor out this next month.  However, looking at Dell and the current prices with my discount, I could pick up what I want for about the same price with an extended warranty…so I’m thinking what the heck.  My car is all taken care of and I do love new stuff like computers and stereo equipment.  I don’t know, sometimes I just can’t help myself.  As you can probably guess, next to house music and mixing, gadgets are my thing.  I definitely get on a high when I buy something new to play and tinker around with.

Anyway, I finally got this post put together for your listening pleasure and will try to have the third installment up early tomorrow so I can get back on the phone with Linksys and troubleshoot with their “expert” or so I’m told.  In keeping with Take 1, this mix is ultra-long.  Hey, who was it that said: “excess is best”.  Okay, that may not always be true, but in this case, I think it applies.  I also got a notice that I received another donation from IK in the UK.  Thank you very much, and folks keep ’em coming.  Like I said, I’ll be in the clear next month so every little bit helps.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow with Take 3.  Until then…ENJOY!

Album : Deep Edition 2008 v10
Disc : 2/4
Genre : Deep, Progressive, Tech, House
Total Time : 2:05:21:00

Track : 1
Title : Wakanapi (Original Mix)
Artist : Pryda

Track : 2
Title : Close My Eyes (Original Club Mix)
Artist : Di Scala & Whelan

Track : 3
Title : Another Chance (Kaskade’s Homage To Roger Remix)
Artist : Late Night Alumni

Track : 4
Title : Azteca (Original Mix)
Artist : KOS

Track : 5
Title : Turning Point (Soha & Adam K Vocal Remix)
Artist : Diego Donati & Franco Amato feat. Kelly Malbasa

Track : 6
Title : Organ Of Love (Original Mix)
Artist : Jerry Ropero, Caesars Scissors & Java

Track : 7
Title : On My Mind (Original Mix)
Artist : Rui Da Silva feat. Ben Onono

Track : 8
Title : Where Are You Now (Demo Mix)
Artist : DJ DLG vs. Erick Morillo

Track : 9
Title : Say Yeah (EDX Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
Artist : Yves Larock

Track : 10
Title : Mea Culpa (Visionary Mix)
Artist : James Harcourt

Track : 11
Title : Make You Whole (TV Rock Mix)
Artist : Stockholm Syndrome

Track : 12
Title : Monday (Original Mix)
Artist : Carlo DallAnese feat. Fabio Castro

Track : 13
Title : You’re Not Alone (Adam K & Soha Remix)
Artist : Adam K

Track : 14
Title : Chasin A Feeling (Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher Remix)
Artist : Quivver

Track : 15
Title : I Remember (Original Mix)
Artist : Kaskade & Deadmau5

Track : 16
Title : Ready Or Not (Crime n’ Candy vs. Christopher S Remix)
Artist : Chris Crime feat. Antonella Ro

Track : 17
Title : Arena (MK’s Very Clubby Mix)
Artist : Mark Knight & Funkagenda

Track : 18
Title : Lolas Theme (2008 Re-Edit)
Artist : The Shapeshifters

Track : 19
Title : Message (DJ Wady Remix)
Artist : Baggi Begovic & Groovenatics

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