Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Anthems 2009 | Coming Soon!

Bright candy striped background with the words GAY AF ANTHEMS written across the middleAfter much anticipation, Gay Anthems 2009 is set to make its debut. Initially intended for the “National Equality March” in Washington, this four-mix set, crafted over two months, is ready for a staggered release starting November 10th.

Despite being disheartened by organizations that haven’t fully championed LGBT equality, I felt compelled to support “Equality Across America,” a grassroots organization that emerged from the march. Utilizing my skills to the fullest, I have put together a set that I believe does justice to the cause.

Spanning four decades of activism and anthems, this collection has something for everyone. Each song has been updated to resonate on today’s dance floors—from Diana Ross to Kristine W. While not all-encompassing, if this collection is as well-received as I hope, a second part will follow in Spring 2010.

The discrimination I witnessed after my brother’s death from AIDS in 1986, when funeral homes refused our family, ignited my awareness and advocacy. This experience delayed my coming out and marred my perspective for years. However, with today’s information flow, I’ve been awakened to the persistent injustices our community faces, and I refuse to stand by any longer.

With allies in Congress and the White House, it’s crucial we pressure our representatives to fulfill their promises. Though I’m not advocating for civil disobedience, we may need to adopt more assertive tactics to achieve equality. For now, I place my trust in the leadership of Equality Across America.

Dedicated to my brother Bruce, these mixes incorporate some of his favorite tracks. And to think, he once doubted Madonna, who not only became a superstar but also a gay icon. I miss you, brother.

Your support for this cause matters, even if you’ve been complacent. Someday, you might face discrimination and wish you had acted to ensure a better life for yourself and your loved ones. We need your help to achieve our ultimate goal: to be free, gay, and happy. -Keith

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