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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

Hex Hector [Mixology Volume 1]

Hex Hector Mixology Volume 1The requests for the Hex Hector Tribute are in and the sets are finished!   I took my entire catalog of Hex’s mixes (there’s a shit-load), gathered up all of your favorites, and then went through and started deleting things I knew weren’t going to be included.  The only requests that were not were from Jason.  Sorry dude, but the songs you requested just don’t exist.  I realize you saw them listed on Hex’s Wikipedia page, but even that page acknowledges “this biographical article needs additional citations for verification“. “Please help by adding reliable sources“.  You can better determine if a song remix is real or not by checking Discogs, which tends to be more reliable when it comes to official and even unofficial remixes.

Back in the days of Napster and WinMX, there were ALWAYS mixes that were attributed to either Hex Hector or Thunderpuss.  In an interview I can’t find online now, Barry Harris addressed that issue.  When he and Chris Cox remixed Madonna’s What It Feels Like For a Girl, someone posted some shitty version online and attributed it to Thunderpuss.  Warner’s was pissed and yanked their mix from the official release, even though they tried to explain it wasn’t theirs.’

Back to the mix; When I got home yesterday afternoon, I started on a mixing blitz.  I decided NOT to edit all these massive songs down to mix show edits, but let the majority of them ride all the way through.  Most of the editing was done during the intro and outro of the songs.  A good deal of my mix show edits can be found on respective Diva Series by Deborah Cox, Whitney Houston, etc.  Except for one, I managed to keep all of the sets (six in total) under 80 minutes; figuring the CD burners among you will appreciate that.

While all of the remixes included in this six-set series are the cream of the crop, like most of you, I have my personal favorites.  From this first set, Melanie C’s I Turn To You, Ricky Martin’s She Bangs, and Sarah Brightman’s Harem are tops for a variety of reasons.  I’m sure you folks have yours and if they aren’t in this set, they’ll likely be in one of the next five going up between now and the end of the month.

I’m done with July and will be putting “something new” out just about every other day starting on Monday.  Today but I digress.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  Until the next time …ENJOY!

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Album : Hex Hector Mixology v1
Genre : Circuit House Classics
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:16:35
  1. Melanie C – I Turn To You (Hex Hector Club Mix)
  2. Ricky Martin – She Bangs (Hex Hector Club Mix)
  3. Kim Sozzi – Feelin’ Me (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix)
  4. Anastacia – One Day In Your Life (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Club Mix)
  5. Sarah Brightman – Harem (Cançao do Mar) (Hex Hector Vocal Mix)
  6. Lara Fabian – I Am Who I Am (HQ2 Club Mix)
  7. Veronica – Rise (Hex Hector Futura Mix)
  8. Rhona – Satisfied (Hex Hector’s Club Mix)
  9. Solu Music feat. Kimblee – Fade (Hex Hector Vocal Mix)
  10. Janet Jackson – Someone To Call My Lover (HQ2 Club Mix)
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