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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

Hot In Here — Peak Hour Summer Mix

Neon sign hot in here against black brick wall for the coverart of Hot in Here featuring the latest Tech House, Bass House and Techno for Peak Hour mayhemWARNING: DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU’RE EASILY TRIGGERED. Just scroll down and click on ‘download.’

As I discussed in my rant about the leaked opinion by the SCOTUS at the end of the Gay Anthems For A New Generation 2022 Volume 3 — everything I said has been set in motion.

Yesterday’s opinion abolishing the right to abortion sets back 50 years of precedent. Not only does it relegate women to second-class status but gives states complete and total control over their uterus. In several states, these laws are already on the books or coming to a backasswards christofacist state near you shortly. There will be no exceptions for incest, rape, or the health of the mother. Women who have miscarriages, will be dragged down to the police station and interrogated. Unless you’re wealthy or have connections — many of these women will be found guilty and given lengthy jail sentences for murder. Other women who have ectopic pregnancies, will be forced to carry the baby to term and not only deliver a dead baby but will kill the mother in the process.

Virtually nothing changed in the final opinion but there were several concurring opinions of varying degrees and three descents. One of the concurring opinions was by self-proclaimed originalist Justice Clarence Thomas a.k.a. Uncle Tom. Because the court struck Roe v. Wade down reasoning that the Constitution does not mention abortion and that there’s no guaranteed right to privacy under the 14th amendment’s due process claims — he specifically stated that the court needs to revisit past rules that codified the rights of contraception, same-sex marriage, and same-sex intimacy — all rights won under in various court rulings using the same argument that legalized abortion. Never mind that under the original text of the Constitution, Justice Thomas is considered only 3/5 human. Equally, he conveniently left out interracial marriage, which was also won using the same legal arguments for the above and which he currently maintains with his batshit crazy wife Ginni Thomas. Expect to hear her name a lot in the coming months for her part in trying to overthrow our government.

In a concurring opinion, Justice Thomas wrote that the court should “reconsider” rulings on contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage. -Business Insider

So for everyone that thought this case doesn’t affect them — you’re in for a rude awakening.

During this same term, the court overturned a 100-year-old law in New York that had stringent requirements for open carry (of guns) in public spaces. All this after the mass shooting in Buffalo and Ulvade while for the first time since the 1990s — a bipartisan gun control bill passed the Senate with the support of 14 Republicans. Mind you, this bill does some good like placing extra scrutiny and background checks on anyone 18 – 21 purchasing a firearm and it closes the boyfriend loophole preventing abusive boyfriends from obtaining a gun. This is not a game-changer but it’s a start.

Meanwhile, Congress had to pass additional funding to protect the six radical right-wing justices and their extended families because of their activism. So protection from guns for thee but not we.

During this same term, the court has further eroded the separation of church and state forcing taxpayers to pay for the religious indoctrination of children. You seriously cannot make this shit up. This court is unrestrained and relishes the fact that they get to impose the will of the Catholic church on secular society. I have a long history with the church, which I won’t bore you with because it’s personal and deeply painful.

Don’t be fooled by inflation and high gas prices as being a Democrat issue. Biden didn’t cause these problems on a global basis because it is not unique to the United States and affects every country on the planet. We need a down-top approach to the mid-terms and everyone must do their part by supporting their Democratic candidates for local, state, and national office. I don’t care if you’re voting for dog catcher just be sure to vote ‘D.’ Even then, that may not be enough because many states (including my own in Georgia) have passed voting rights laws that give the legislatures the ability to override any election outcomes they don’t agree with under the guise of ‘voter fraud’ thereby nullifying the will of the voters.

If you think I’m just blowing smoke up your ass then I beg you to please research what’s happening in your neck of the woods. I could bring receipts for all my claims but it’s not my job to hold your hand. Find out what your state legislatures are up to. For those of you in my birth state of Texas — the people running the state are a bunch of educated dumbasses that would sooner strip away all your rights than allow you to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that was supposed to be guaranteed under the 14th amendment. Don’t allow the christofacists to strip those rights away before we’re renamed the Republic of Gilead.

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Album: Hot In Here
Artists: Various
Genre: Tech House, House, Breakbeat, Techno
Length: 02:48:27

1. CID & Westend – Let Me Take You (Quik HItter)

2. Mark Bale – Make It Hot (DJ Kuba & Neitan Extended Edit)

3. HÄWK x XVW – Tequila (Original Mix)

4. KVSH & Tim Hox feat. Cumbiafrica – Corocito (Extended Mix)

5. P. Diddy x Chris Moody vs. Nukey – Bad Boy For Life (Pat C’s ‘Falls Down’ Bootleg)

6. Tom Budin & LOUD ABOUT US! – Complicated (Original Mix)

7. Antonio Pica – Party In My House (Original Mix)

8. Future & Drake x Steve Aoki & Afrojack – Way 2 Sexy (Angelo The Kid ‘No Beef’ Edit)

9. Philip Z – Sexy Back (Original Mix)

10. Pickle – Hot In Herre (Original Mix)

11. B Beat Girls – For The Same Man (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix)

12. Sil – Blue Oyster (Richy Ahmed Extended Remix)

13. Under Break – Come On Baby (Original Mix)

14. James Brown – I Feel Good (Relanium & Deen West Remix)

15. Landis x Da Hool & Joel Corry x DMX – Party Up (Angelo The Kid The Parade Edit)

16. Ben Kim – Tear The Club Up (Original Mix)

17. John Summit – In Chicago (Extended Mix)

18. Dark Heart feat. Mia Marvelous – Get Down Low (Extended Mix)

19. CID & Will K – OoooH (Original Mix)

20. Jack Harlow – First Class (HAWK. & Gin and Sonic VIP Edit)

21. J-Kwon vs. BYOR – Tipsy x Don’t Stop The Disco (Adam b Edit Intro Clean)

22. Shipwrek – Silent (Frank Williams ‘Like A G6′ Edit)

23. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (KREAM Extended Mix)

24. Mark Knight & Gene Farris – I Can’t Go For That (Extended Mix)

25. Malaa – How It Is (Extended Mix)

26. DJ Icey – Rio Sur (Original Mix)

27. Johan S – The Chant (Extended Mix)

28. Versus – Dolla Gang (Original Mix)

29. Snoop Dogg, MorganJ x Maddow – Gin & Juice (Original Mix)

30. Oomloud – It’s Tricky (Original Mix)

31. Loods – Problem Solver (Original Mix)

32. CASSIMM – Yes Man (Original Mix)

33. Lizzo vs. Gin and Sonic – About Damn Time (Gin and Sonic’s Tech House Remix)

34. Will Watt – Superstar (Original Mix)

35. Alok – The Club Is Jumpin’ (Extended Mix)

36. Kavinsky – Renegade Jumpin (Case Ace 2k22 Bootleg)

37. Chapter & Verse – Ready For The Rave (Original Mix)

38. Ciara vs. Black Caviar – 1, 2 Step x Pink Shoes (Adam b Edit)

39. Sean Paul vs. Alok – Temperature (Andrew Marks The Club Is Jumpin’ Edit)

40. Anti Up – Chromatic (Extended Version)

41. Ellis Moss – Critical (Extended Mix)

42. Johan S – Feel It (Extended Mix)

43. Mark Maxwell feat. Asta – Santorini (Extended Mix)

44. Jetlag & Lu Oliver – Shake It Girls (Original Mix)

45. Diplo & Miguel – Don’t Forget My Love (CID Remix)

46. Shouse – Won’t Forget You (Felix Jaehn Remix)

47. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (Techno Remix)

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