Jennifer Lopez 2010 | The Diva Series

The Diva Series J Lo

From the fly-girl in In Living Color, a backup dancer for another honored diva Janet Jackson, to some outstanding turns in movies like Out of Sight and the biographical story of late Tejano singer Selena, Jennifer has worked her ass off to get where she is.  I always find it strange that the gay community and the MSM like to root for the underdog and then turn around and tear them down the minute they achieve the very success that we help them achieve.  Frankly, Jenny is laughing all the way to the bank.

Granted, some of her projects may have been a “what was I thinking moment” (Gigli with then beau Ben Afflek) while others won her rave reviews.  From clothing to perfumes and having a hand as executive producer in several reality programs to her successful turns in low-budget self-produced independent films (An Unfinished Life and Shall We Dance),  Jennifer has lived the dream.  Personally, I can’t fault someone who is smart enough to take advantage of an appearance at the Grammys with then beau P. Diddy wearing a very uh, revealing Versace, thus turning her little star into a supernova.

At the age of 40, Jennifer has found herself with a new label (DefJam) and a new album about to drop this summer.  Sony will be releasing a farewell, love you when you made us money “greatest hits” in early fall making Jennifer’s induction into the Diva Hall of Fame timely and well-deserved.  With an estimated self-worth of $100 million dollars, our Jenny from the block truly is a fly girl.  Party Favorz honors Mrs. Marc Anthony-Lopez with our highest honor.  The little girl from the Bronx has done quite well for herself.

To refresh your memory as to why we love J-Lo so much, check out her video for I’m Glad where she virtually reproduces the scenes from the 80’s iconic movie Flashdance after the jump.  Amazing!

Album : The Diva Series
Artist : Jennifer Lopez
Genre : Mainstream Club
Total Time : 1:43:02:00

Track : 1
Title : Play (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

Track : 2
Title : Alive (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

Track : 3
Title : I’m Real (Dezrok Vocal Club Mix)

Track : 4
Title : Waiting For Tonight (Hex Hector Vocal Remix Extended)

Track : 5
Title : I’m Glad (Ford’s Siren Club Mix)

Track : 6
Title : Ain’t It Funny (Almighty Mix)

Track : 7
Title : Walking On Sunshine (Metro Remix)

Track : 8
Title : Do It Well  (Moto Blanco Remix)

Track : 9
Title : Let’s Get Loud (Castle Hill Club Mix)

Track : 10
Title : Que Hicisté (Tony Moran Extended Mix)

Track : 11
Title : If You Had My Love (Pablo Flores Remix)

Track : 12
Title : Get Right (Full Intention Vocal Mix)

Track : 13
Title : Hold It Don’t Drop It (Moto Blanco Club Mix)

Track : 14
Title : Louboutins (Jody den Broeder & Warren Rigg Club Mix)

Track : 15
Title : Feelin’ So Good (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

Track : 16
Title : Love Don’t Cost A Thing (HQ2 Club Mix)

Track : 17
Title : Fresh Out The Oven [Lola feat. Pitbull] (Karmatronic Club Mix)

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