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The Diva Series Leann RimesThanks to John, one of Party Favorz followers, I was reminded of the fabulousness of one of country music’s greatest voices, Miss Leann Rimes.

Often criticized for being too fat or too skinny, too country or too pop or even [gasp] a husband stealing homewrecker, Miss Rimes is the perfect candidate for DIVA status. When the tabloids write about your every sneeze and the paparazzi takes pictures of your every move, you know you have arrived.

Add to all these things a voice that most artists would sell their soul for, the gates of the Diva Hall of Fame just open right up to welcome you into a diverse and elite field of your peers.

Her willingness to embrace the translation of her music for the dancefloor is mere icing on the cake and likely one of the things us gays love about her.

From the early mega-hit How Do I live to the soaring Suddenly and today’s saucy Spitfire, Leann has always had her ear to the streets and has been remixed by some of the greatest producers in the dance industry.

At the tender age of 31, she isn’t about to quit and has a long career ahead of her. It’s for this reason and everything above that Party Favorz bestows our greatest honor on Miss Rimes and welcomes her to the Diva Hall of Fame.

Album : The Diva Series – Leann Rimes
Genre : Dance
Year : 2013
Total Time : 1:27:34

1. How Do I Live (Cahill Club Mix)

2. I Need You (Lenny B Club Mix)

3. You Are (Bertoldo Extended Club Mix)

4. Good Friend & A Glass Of Wine (SoulSeekerz Club)

5. But I Do Love You (Almighty Extended Club Mix)

6. Crazy Women (7th Heaven Club Mix)

7. Can’t Fight The Moonlight (Thunderpuss Club Mix)

8. Soon (Hex Hector & Dezrok Club Mix)

9. Spitfire (7th Heaven Extended Mix)

10. Suddenly (Riva Extended Mix)

11. Nothin’ Better To Do (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)

12. Tic Toc (Thunderpuss Mixshow Edit)

13. We Can (Widelife Mixshow Edit)

14. Headphones (Almighty Extended Mix)

15. Give (Cahill Club Mix)

16. Life Goes On (29 Palms Transgressive Club Mix)

17. What I Cannot Change (Kaskade Mix)

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