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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Madonna — The Ultimate Bootleg Collection Volume I & II

This past month, we’ve been immersing ourselves in the music of Madonna, celebrating her birthday with a series of mixes that showcase her timeless talent. The latest and final set in this series is a five-hour extravaganza that seamlessly blends classics and bootlegs, displaying the versatility and vitality of the Queen of Pop.

Party Favorz delved deep into the world of Madonna remixes, navigating through a maze of hundreds of bootlegs to bring you the best of the best. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill modernizations of the original tracks, but unique reinterpretations that retain the spirit of the song while adding a fresh perspective. Standouts include the Parralox remix of “Borderline” which infuses it with a New Wave vibe, and the Luxar remix of “Justify My Love” that lends it a grittier, Nine Inch Nails-esque aesthetic.

Our mix journey includes notable mashups like DJ Bill Bennett’s ‘Erotica vs. Cafe Del Mar’, and the infamous “Music Sounds Better On Holiday”, a White Label Stardust vs. Madonna mashup from 1998. While the latter’s quality wasn’t perfect due to its vinyl origins, we’ve done our best to clean it up for your listening pleasure.

The magic of this final set is not just in the individual tracks, but in how they flow together. From the high-octane Sultan & Shepard mix of “Give Me All Your Luvin” to the tribal-infused Dirty Disco remix of “La Isla Bonita”, every transition is crafted for optimal cohesion.

We understand that everyone has their favorite Madonna tracks, and while we may not have included every single one, we’re confident that the range of familiar tunes and exciting new remixes will leave you pleasantly surprised.

This series, as expansive and exhaustive as it is, represents some of our best work yet. Party Favorz believes that not setting artificial timelines for completion has allowed us to exceed expectations in terms of quality.

Thank you for joining us on this musical journey. We’ll be back soon with our next Club Dance set. Until then, enjoy the music, the memories, and the magic that is Madonna.

Album: The Ultimate Bootleg Collection Vol. I & II
Genre: Electro House, House, Future House, EDM, Progressive
Year: 2022
Total Time: 05:22:09

1. Into The Groove (Luca Debonaire Omerta Mix)

2. Music (Nobody Knows Bosich Remix)

3. 4 Minutes (Eldar Stuff Remix) [with Justin Timberlake]

4. Like A Virgin (Jet Boot Jack Remix)

5. Causing A Commotion (Deep House Remix)

6. Who’s That Girl (Skin Bruno Latino 2014 Mix)

7. Like A Prayer (Block & Crown Remix)

8. Hung Up (Ranny ReWerk)

9. Turn Up The Radio (Sartori Italian Style Remix)

10. Borderline (Parralox Bootleg Remix)

11. Holiday (Barry Harris Remix)

12. Beautiful Stranger (Division 4 vs. Thee Cool Cats Remix)

13. Live To Tell (Luca Debonaire & Omerta Mix)

14. Nothing Really Matters (Sartori 2017 Remix)

15. Miles Away (Deep Sound Effect Remix)

16. Get Together (Bosich Remix)

17. Fever (Dens54 Dao)

18. Bedtime Story (Arihlis Remix)

19. Nothing Fails (DJ TENZEN Remix)

20. Ghostown (M vs. Dave Aude Mix)

21. Medellin (Cajjmere Wray Extended Remix) [with Maluma]

22. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (Marco Sartori Remix)

23. The Power Of Goodbye (Johnnie’s Disco In Love Club Mix)

24. Papa Don’t Preach (Dubtronic We Are In Love Mix)

25. Where’s The Party (RAY ISAAC Extended Remix)

26. Open Your Heart (Matt Pop Club Mix)

27. Living For Love (Shahaf Moran Remix)

28. Crave (Idaho Dangerous Club Mix) [feat. Swae Lee]

29. Give It 2 Me (Marchillo Remix)

30. Frozen (A-Move Remix)

31. Erotica (DJ Bill Bennett 2002 IML Mix) [vs. Cafe Del Mar]

32. I Don’t Search, I Find (Kue’s Studio 54 Mix)

33. Ray Of Light (Phatt Salmon Remix)

34. Dress You Up (Liam Keegan 2011 Remix)

35. Physical Attraction (Ray Isaac Club Mix)

36. Rescue Me (BrandonUK vs. Moto Blanco GAP Mix)

37. Vogue (Division 4 Extended Remix)

38. Express Yourself (Division 4 Radio Edit)

39. Human Nature (Lukesavant Mix)

40. You’ll See (TMC Club Mix)

41. Girl Gone Wild (Maxim Andreev Nu Disco Mix)

42. American Life (Jose Jimenez Remix)

43. Revolver (Maxim Andreev Mix) [feat. Lil Wayne]

44. Secret (Dubtronic Comin’ Over Remix)

45. Love Profusion (Sartori Good Mood Remix)

46. Erotica (Division 4 Extended Remix)

47. Justify My Love (Luxar Remix)

48. Burning Up (Sartori’s Passion on Fire Mix)

49. Jump (A-Move Remix)

50. Deeper And Deeper (Division 4 Extended Remix)

51. Spotlight (RAY ISAAC Extended Remix)

52. Hollywood (Late Dance Remix)

53. Celebration (Wayne G Atlantis Anthem Mix)

54. Celebration (Late Club Remix 2011)

55. La Isla Bonita (Dirty Disco Calssic Rework)

56. I Rise (Deann Going Through It Club Mix)

57. Everybody (BrandonUK vs. Moto Blanco Edit)

58. Don’t Tell Me (Dave Audé Extended Funk Mix)

59. Sorry (Maxim Andreev Vinyl Mix)

60. What It Feels Like For A Girl (VMC Remix)

61. Keep It Together (Marc Sartori Remix)

62. Bonus Track

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