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Open All Night | Kickin' Back with Some Soulful Funky Beats


OMFG, Party Favorz is back and on a mission!

On a mission to bring you the finest Dance, Circuit and Funky House that you never knew you wanted until you heard it. We've got a lot in store between now and the end of the year, so pay very close attention to this space.

Kicking off our return from the abyss is Open All Night, which is a culmination of the finest soulful, funky and disco house beats circulating in clubland at the moment.

The set starts off with a clip from the Netflix series 'Narcos'. It quickly launches into a Jimmy 'Bo' Horne Spanking groove of 'Bring The Funk' by Fabio Montana & Freiboitar that will have you shaking your ass right out of the gate. Georgie Porgie delivers the follow-up with a sweet if not uncharacteristically groovy sax house number with the sorely M.I.A. Suzanne Palmer delivering a sweltering scat throughout on 'Blow Your Sax'.

The set transitions into some soulful disco house before launching back into its disco roots with the Sylvester inspired 'Make and Feel'. From there it alternates between disco, house, and funk with James Brown closing things out in Babert's 'Sex Machine'. All the elements are in place for your late night grooving pleasure.

Tomorrow, I'll be diving into the deep end of the pool to cap off your weekend. Until then, ENJOY!

Album : Open All Night
Genre : House, Disco, Funk, Soulful
Year : 2016
Total Time : 01:34:08
  1. Disco Shit (Intro)

  2. Fabio Montana & Freiboitar - Bring The Funk (Original Mix)

  3. DJ Georgie Porgie feat. Suzanne Palmer - Blow Your Sax (Saxy Club Mix)

  4. Bas Roos - Brother Love (Original Mix)

  5. Mark Funk & Danny Cruz - Givin' My Love (Original Mix)

  6. Re-Tide - The Power (Original Mix)

  7. Sonny Fodera feat. Yasmin - Feeling U (David Morales Remix)

  8. KNOX - People R (Original Mix)

  9. Josh Butler & Tom Da Lips - Innocence (Original Mix)

  10. Angelo Ferreri - Make And Feel (Original Mix)

  11. Alex Kenji - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Original Club Mix)

  12. Funkatron - Disco Sensation (Original Mix)

  13. Anabel Englund - London Headache (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

  14. Christina Aguilera - Telepathy (Eric Kupper Remix)

  15. Crystal Waters feat. Sted-E & Hybrid Heights - Believe (Club Mix)

  16. David Anthony (UK) feat. Lisa Millett - This Time Baby (Classic Disco Mix)

  17. Kevin McKay - The Oooh Song (Original Mix)

  18. Prosper & Stabfinger - Mista Funkmaster (Original Mix)

  19. Babert - Sex Machine (Original Mix)

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