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Play That Funky Music | The Freshest Funky House


Since this was already finished, I thought I'd throw this up instead of making ya'll wait until next week. Play That Funky Music is just that; it's fresh, it's phatt and it's funky!

That means there won't be anything for next week as I've blown my wad until I get in the mood (to be creative) again.

Until the next time...ENJOY!

Album : Play That Funky Music
Genre : House, Disco, Funky
Year : 2017
Total Time : 01:44:56
  1. Inner City - Good Life 2017 (Extended Mix)

  2. Gianni Bini & The Rituals - Shake Your Booty (Original Mix)

  3. Avon Stringer - Release (Original Mix)

  4. Barbara Tucker - Think (About It) (Spen & Thommy's Summer Of Dub Mix)

  5. HiFi Sean feat. Crystal Waters - Testify (Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix)

  6. Inner City - Big Fun 2017 (Extended Mix)

  7. Gershon Jackson - Huggin' & A Luvin' (Chocolate Puma Remix)

  8. Corey Biggs - Cheetah Appeal (Maliblue-Paunovich & Sinnerman Remix)

  9. Jay Vegas - What U Want (Original Mix)

  10. Alex Kenji - 'Cause It's Cool (Original Club Mix)

  11. Babert - Let's Get Down (Bassline Remix)

  12. Sandy Rivera - I Can't Stop (Dario D'attis Remix)

  13. Ralphi Rosario with Linda Clifford - Wanna Give It Up (Full Intention Remix)

  14. Paolo Martini - Red Rocks (Original Mix)

  15. Block & Crown & Pete Rose - The 4 Letter Word (Soul) (Original Mix)

  16. Block & Crown - No Doubt About It (Original Mix)

  17. Brooklyn Express - Change Position (88) (Dr Packer Edit)

  18. Kanomarli - I Seen It All (Nu Disco Extended Mix)

  19. Samo - Straight On (Original Mix)

  20. Massivedrum - The Bomb 2K17 (Original Mix)

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