Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Disco House Party Mix: Shake It Up Tonight

Party Favorz is back with our weekend drop ‘Shake It Up Tonight,’ which is a massive Disco House set featuring the absolute latest House Music tracks that include NuDisco, Jackin House, Soulful and Deep House grooves for those of you who prefer something funky in your party arsenal.

This set had been finished since last week but we had to go back this morning and rework the final transition between the newly released remix of ‘Unspeakable Joy’ by one of our favorite Divas Kim English to the amazing ‘Beginnings’ by Don Welch. We had been sitting on that track since August as it dropped too late to get onto our last batch of disco house music. For some of you older folks and/or fans of the group Chicago, this is a nice House remix of their early 70’s pop hit by the same name that charted as a double-sided single with the other being the bigger track ‘Color My World.’

‘Beginnings’ in its radio format is a nice pop track featuring the horn section Chicago had become known for but the album version lodges into the group’s signature alternative rock-jazz-fusion style that clocks in over 7 minutes. This remix reimagines the track in the world of House Music and it’s so well done that it had to be the closer for this set. The song kinda flew past most DJs radars but being the musical connoisseurs that we are — it had to be included.

The transition from the Dr Packer Mix of the Kim English classic “Unspeakable Joy” had a cold acapella ending (which we generally like) but it wasn’t working in that the beats clashed with the incoming Don Welch track even though they were in the same key. So, some creative tricks were employed to make the transition sound as seamless as possible and it’s not something a DJ would do on the fly but in the studio. Our goal is to provide a seamless experience throughout even if it’s not something anyone would appreciate but anal retentives like us (i.e. me when I’m talking in 3rd person).

This set was intentionally ginormous because it’s not clear yet if there will be one final Disco House set by the end of the year (though that’s the goal). We’ve got a massive slate of releases scheduled between now and the end of 2021 so saddle up because it’s going to be a wild ride to pack everything in.

Until then…ENJOY!

Album: Shake It Up Tonight
Genre: House, Jackin’ House, NuDisco, Soulful
Year: 2021
Total Time: 04:48:10

1. Tensnake feat. Cara Melin – Antibodies (Dombresky & Boston Bun Extended Remix)

2. Maxine Singleton – Don’t You Love It (Things You Say Remix)

3. Jay Vegas – Strings 4 Life (Original Mix)

4. Wh0 & Kideko – Soul Searcher (Extended Mix)

5. Voost – Sometimes It Hurts (Extended Mix)

6. Dutchican Soul – Love Talk (Original Mix)

7. Sugarstarr & Rubber People – On My Mind (Rubber Peoples Long Mix)

8. Marco Corona – YEAH (Original Mix)

9. Prospect Park – Shake It up Tonight (Dave Lee Disco Reshake)

10. DJManuel feat. Suki Soul – I Ever Needed (Birdee Remix)

11. Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket – Love Vibes (Original Mix)

12. DJ Rae & David Morales – Something I’m Going Through (Extended Mix)

13. Nari – Double Choice (Original Mix)

14. Platinum City starring Suki Soul – Time For A Change (DJ Mark Brickman Remix)

15. Earth n Days – The Change (The Cube Guys Remix)

16. Mark Picchiotti feat. Kenyata White – Love Is The Message (DJ Spen Remix)

17. Art Of Tones – All Night (Extended)

18. Brian Power feat. Lifford – Time After Time (Extended Disco Mix)

19. Full Flava feat. Kelli Sae – Music Is My Way Of Life (JKriv Remix)

20. Hiva & J.R. Mark – Love Emergency (Original Mix)

21. Full Flava feat. Chantay Savage – Get Down Saturday Night (Saturday Night Sunday Morning Mix)

22. Mell Hall feat. Thandi Phoenix – Knock Knock (Dr Packers Got Me Hypnotized Extended Mix)

23. Franck Roger – Get It On (Original Mix)

24. Mark Knight – Second Story (Original Mix)

25. Nari – Capri (Summer Mix)

26. Ridney – DM (Todd Terry Extended Remix)

27. Moogy Bee & MoD – I Feel for You (Luisen DePoniente Discomix)

28. Bronx Cheer – Keep It Coming (Nu Disco Club Mix)

29. Lissat – Hey How Ya Doin’ (Nu Disco Mix)

30. CASSIMM – Hella Mary (Original Mix)

31. Agency – Baby I Want Your Love (CASSIMM Remix)

32. Disko Junkie – Just The Two Of Us (Original Mix)

33. Rytmlabb – Be Mine (Original Mix)

34. James Deron, Angelo Ferreri & Danmic’s – House Feeling Anthem (Original Mix)

35. Mark Picchiotti pres. Jersey Street – Love Will Be Our Guide (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

36. Killed Kassette feat. Shawnee Taylor – This Ain’t Love (Zsak Extended Remix)

37. DjManuel feat. Suki Soul – My House (Adam Nova Remix)

38. Mark Funk, Danny Cruz, Mirko & Meex – Good Lovin (Original Mix)

39. Marc Cotterell – Lovin’ Me (Original Mix)

40. Kim English – Treat Me Right (David Morales Club Mix)

41. Dennis Cruz feat. Leo Wood – What U Doing (Mousse T’s Deep Shizzle Remix)

42. Super Disco Club feat. Sadako Pointer – Happiness (Earth n Days Remix)

43. Saison – Got Me Hot (Original Mix)

44. Block & Crown – Upside Your Head (Oops Up) (Original Mix)

45. Hiva – Everybody (Original Mix)

46. Martina Budde – I Can’t Stand The Rain (Original Mix)

47. Dawna Montell & Georgie Porgie – Loving You (Georgie & Dawna’s Jackin House Mix)

48. DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who starring Natasha Watts – Body To Body (Extended Club Mix)

49. Block & Crown x Paul Parsons – Take You There (Original Mix)

50. Danny Wild – Talk To Me (Original Mix)

51. Amen UK – Passion 2021 (Extended Mix)

52. DJ Meme feat. Rachel Claudio – Any Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

53. T.Markakis – Barry (Extended Mix)

54. Kim English – Unspeakable Joy (Dr Packer Remix)

55. Don Welch – Beginnings 2.0 (Universe Main Mix)

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