Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Pride Edition 2009 Volume 4

As I get myself back on track, I decided to put out what would have been the last mix next.  Why?  Because I live for fun, funky house music.  It’ll “lift you up, spin you around, make you feel like you never did before.”  Besides, what’s a good Gay Pride collection without T-Dance?  Handpicked by yours truly, these are some of the very best in funky house that had my brain on constant repeat during the winter and spring.  Many of the gems included here like Maiysha’s “Chase” and Lisa Mack’s “Kiss Me” didn’t quite receive the attention I felt they deserved.  Since I realize that my best of comps get a lot of attention, this is my chance to bring these to a wider audience.  One listen and I think you’ll agree.

It’s hard to make any promises about the two remaining mixes, but for the BPM crowd, I’ve already completed the tracklist and just need to start working it out.  I’ll try to have one out tomorrow, but don’t hold me two it.  Frankly, I’ve been so busy I really need to finish these up so I can take an extended break before I jump in with July.  I will let you know that I’ve got a lot of great stuff lined up for the month.  You’ll be getting the next BPM, T-Dance, and Summer Editions in no particular order.  It all depends on what I’m expecting to be released and when it actually comes out.

As we break for the long hot and sticky weekend, I hope everyone is staying cool.  Have a great one and I’ll be back a.s.a.p. with the final two mixes.

Until then…Enjoy!

Album : Pride Edition v4
Genre : T-Dance, Funky, House
Year : 2009
Total Time : 2:00:09.00

Track : 1
Title : Here I Am (Love To Infinity UK Club)
Artist : Matt Zarley

Track : 2
Title : Chase (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Artist : Maiysha

Track : 3
Title : T Shirt (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Artist : Shontelle

Track : 4
Title : Bodyswerve (Soulshaker Remix)
Artist : De’Lacy & Marco Gee

Track : 5
Title : Release Me (Cahill Club Edit)
Artist : Agnes

Track : 6
Title : Supaconstellation (Club Mix)
Artist : Sosua  Mad

Track : 7
Title : This Is Your Life (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : 7th Heaven feat. Banderas

Track : 8
Title : Catch You Baby (7th Heaven Mix)
Artist : Lonnie Gordon

Track : 9
Title : Take Me Higher (Original)
Artist : Jonni Black vs. Shena

Track : 10
Title : Never (7th Heaven On The Floor Club Mix)
Artist : Kristine W

Track : 11
Title : Can’t Stop The Rain (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : Shena

Track : 12
Title : So Sweet (Mark Picchiotti Classic Vocal Mix)
Artist : Mark Picchiotti feat. Dana Divine

Track : 13
Title : Can’t Get Enough 2009 (Original Vocal Club Mix)
Artist : Soulsearcher

Track : 14
Title : Absolutely Positively (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
Artist : Anastacia

Track : 15
Title : Love Emergency (Original)
Artist : Kurd Maverick & Sam Obernik

Track : 16
Title : Love Crazy (Triple D Remix)
Artist : Warren Clarke & Tara McDonald

Track : 17
Title : Don’t Walk Away (Ali Payami Remix)
Artist : Jenny Jones

Track : 18
Title : Bitch Is Back (Vocal Mix)
Artist : Warren Clarke pres. Jonni Black vs. Shena

Track : 19
Title : Hush Hush (I Will Survive) (Dave Aude Extended Mix)
Artist : Pussycat Dolls

Track : 20
Title : Kiss Me (Mark Picchiotti Club Mix)
Artist : Lisa Mack

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