Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Pride Edition 2010 Volume 3

Welcome to Friday’s edition of Pride.  As promised, I’m serving up a heaping platter of happy house music.  Unlike the Original and the BPM, there’s not quite as much “happy” music that comes out early in the year.  After all, it’s still snowing and bitterly cold in most parts of the world, so I guess it’s hard for producers to get into that frame of mind early on.  Frankly, if they did, they’d save a lot of people from cabin fever.  We could just sit underneath a fluorescent light, soaking in the rays, while listening to something that reminds us of what’s to come later in the year, summer.

Nevertheless, I’ve extracted the best of the disco, funky and camp from my previous T-Dance sets and bulked up the remainder with brand-spanking new tunes that’ll make you glad you held out for the fun, sun, and beaches.  I’m talking celebratory, hands in the air, makes you feel so good early Sunday morning dance music!

Kicking things off, I pulled out one of my favorite songs of the year.  Hot on the heels of last year’s “Runaway,” which sat in Juno’s funky house Top Fifty for over ten months since it’s release last summer, DJ Kid Stretch pulls another favorite out of his arsenal with “Give U More.”  This song is packed with so many samples, that it’s hard for me to keep up; and honey, I am the queen of samples.  The one you will recognize is the undeniable big voice of Loleatta hollering in the background.

I’ve got two, count them two brand new Peyton singles.  The first is a collaboration with Eric Kupper called “Celebrate.”  Just in time for Pride, Peyton is talking about celebrating his life. As out and proud as we are this season, we should be singing right along with him.  The other is a new song in collaboration with the UK hottie, Wayne G.  I gave everyone a taste of “Ur the Best Thing” on Gay Days v1 and now here comes the original version, in it’s full blown soulful glory.  For all those that have been searching for the one true love and found it, this one’s for you.  If you haven’t found that special someone just yet, don’t fret, I’m fairly certain they’ll wash up on a beach for you to take home, after a long night of partying.

I’ve also sneaked in our girl Kimberley Locke who was recently featured in the G-Spot, with her brand new discolicious single “Strobelight.”  Speaking of disco, how about three classic remakes?  First off is the 1979 classic “You Know How to Love Me,” originally performed by Phyllis Hyman (may she rest in peace).  As part of the Fierce Angel group, Soraya Vivian does the vocal duties and boy oh boy, does she hit this one out of the park!  In fact, I fell so in love with her take, I added her again on part two of this Pride Edition and for now, that treat will remain a surprise.  Let’s just say she has quickly become a contender and is right up there with Katherine Ellis as the next Party Favorz girl.  Once you hear her voice, you too will become a believer!

Next up is the totally unexpected remake of the Anita Ward classic “Ring My Bell.”  When I got the promos, I clicked the play button with hesitation.  How could anyone possibly top this monster classic from 1979?  One listen and I was blown away!  FAMA pours everything into this song and completely breathes new life into something that I would have never in a million years thought to touch.  I absolutely love, LOVE the DeepCitySoul Mix, but wait there’s more!  The remix package also includes amazing renditions by Richard Earnshaw and Richie Jones.  Unfortunately, the label is holding out on those, because they only included the radio edits.  I fully expect a second release containing the full-length version of those two later next month; hopefully in time for Beach House.

Finally, in the disco realm, Eric Kupper and Cathi O deliver “Haven’t You Heard.”  With its familiar catchy refrain, this song had immediate gravitational pull.  The only problem was that I couldn’t figure out who originally sang this song.  In fact, it was really bugging me for a couple of weeks and then out of the blue, I got smacked in the head with a “silly rabbit.”  This was the first hit by Patrice Rushen of “Forget Me Nots” fame.  The collaboration of Eric and Cathi delivers a solid groove, recalling DJ Meme’s work that is faithful to the original, yet updated for today’s floors.

Other new songs to look out for are Macy Gray’s (I know, you’re scratching your head, but trust me) uplifting “Beauty in the World” which is remixed by the happy house flavor of the moment, Cutmore.  Scarlette Fever is blazing with the 7th Heaven remix of “Cheating Man,”  which is a call to arms to women across the globe and a new take on “I Will Survive” for the recessed generation.  Watch out for that song, because the remix package also includes Moto Blanco, Soulshaker, and Loverush UK productions.  This one is H-O-T!

Finally, I close things out with Crystal Water’s latest “When People Come Together.”  This song takes on the Ibiza sound, that is until the drop after the first two minutes.  All of a sudden, you feel like you’ve just been dropped into a scene from “Bruno.”  You’ll know what I mean when you hear it.  Personally, I thought this was the perfect song to close out this set with and after all, Crystal is Party Favorz Pride.

I hope everyone has been enjoying these OTH sets I’ve been putting out.  Unfortunately, Party Favorz needs to pay the bills, so the remaining four volumes will be for premium members only.  What can I say, a girl has to be able to cover her costs to remain reliably fabulous!  I’ll be back on Sunday with the second installment of the Gay Anthems series.  Just a reminder, if you’ve been wanting these, they’re here only through July 4th.  After that, they will be gone for good.  Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.  I hope everyone is planning a fabulous weekend.  Until we meet again…ENJOY!

Album : Pride Edition 2010 v3
Genre : Disco, Funky, House
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:22:41:00

Track : 1
Title : Give U Much More (Original Mix)
Artist : DJ Kid Stretch

Track : 2
Title : Back 2 Skool (Original Mix)
Artist : Sidechains

Track : 3
Title : Celebrate (Extended Mix)
Artist : Peyton

Track : 4
Title : This Feeling (Original Mix)
Artist : Lovemakers

Track : 5
Title : Touch Me (Trilogy Project Remix)
Artist : Tina More

Track : 6
Title : You Know How To Love Me (Bassmonkeys Magic Spanx Mix)
Artist : Fierce Collective feat. Soraya Vivian

Track : 7
Title : Ring My Bell (DeepCitySoul Mix)
Artist : FAMA

Track : 8
Title : StrobeLight (DJ Renegade Club Mix)
Artist : Kimberley Locke

Track : 9
Title : The Answer (Bassmonkeys Club Mix)
Artist : Naomi Marsh

Track : 10
Title : Ur The Best Thing (Original Mix)
Artist : Wayne G & Peyton

Track : 11
Title : Beauty In The World (Cutmore Extended Remix)
Artist : Macy Gray

Track : 12
Title : Haven’t You Heard (Eric Kuppers Believe In The Magic Mix)
Artist : Cathi O

Track : 13
Title : I Am (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
Artist : Mary J Blige

Track : 14
Title : Bag Myself A Man (Rob Hayes ‘Soul n Disco’ Mix)
Artist : Daddy Funk 45 feat. Kaysee

Track : 15
Title : Cheating Man (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : Scarlette Fever

Track : 16
Title : When People Come Together (Extended Version)
Artist : Crystal Waters vs. Bellani Spada

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