Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Pride Edition 2010 Volume 7

All I can say is this has been one long June.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much all gay-ed out if that’s even possible.  Perhaps the most disappointing issue for me is the lack of Pride parades and parties in the ATL; at least, not until early October.  Okay, there are a few things going on under the false pretense of Pride, but it’s not quite the same.  By the time our celebration rolls around, I’m already thinking about Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and so forth.

Nevertheless, don’t let my somber tone ruin your Pride!  After all, coming together as one is what it’s all about; no matter when it happens.  While we have had some small victories this year, we still have ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) and DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) legislation pending for possible consideration this year, in the Congress.  Marriage Equality will be on hold for a while yet, but it is hopeful.  We’re still waiting for a final decision on Perry v. Schwarzenegger coming out of San Francisco, any day now.  Either way, this will wind its way through the courts and ultimately end up at the SCOTUS.  Hopefully, by that time Justice’s Scalia or Thomas will choke on their big fat KFC asses and have a heart attack, so we can replace them.  We should be so lucky.

In the meantime, we continue to strive for acceptance at the local level as a newer generation of kids overwhelmingly reject discrimination and homophobia.  That folks, is progress!  So remember to support your local gay rights chapters for full equality and NEVER accept anything less!

As we celebrate life, love and the pursuit of happiness, whatever that may be, I want to remind everyone what the colors of the rainbow stand for; UNITY, DIVERSITY INCLUSIVENESS and more recently, PERSEVERANCE.  When it comes to our lives, we should not and will not compromise.  NO is NEVER an acceptable outcome, under any circumstance.  If we are pushed, we will push back harder.  It may require a little more patience, but WE WILL GET THERE!

I want to wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY PRIDE!  LIVE WORK PLAY DANCE & CELEBRATE!  Just remember to do it responsibly.

See Ya Soon and always remember to… ENJOY!

Album : Pride Edition 2010 v7
Genre : Disco, Funky, House
Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:25:58:00

Track : 1
Title : Love Don’t Pay The Rent (DJ Meme Orchestral Club Mix)
Artist : Mone

Track : 2
Title : I’m Coming Up! (Nightriders Remix)
Artist : Amanda Lear

Track : 3
Title : On The Floor (Oh Baby Please) (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Artist : Kaylah Marin

Track : 4
Title : Good Times (Extended Mix)
Artist : Robert Abigail feat. Miss Autumn Leaves

Track : 5
Title : The Man I Love (Mr. Mig’s Retro-Fi Extended)
Artist : Alexis Gershwin

Track : 6
Title : Miss Emotional (Cutmore Club Mix)
Artist : Natasha Hamilton

Track : 7
Title : Look Don’t Touch (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Artist : Shena

Track : 8
Title : If You Could Read My Mind (Degrees Of Motion Mix)
Artist : Fierce Collective feat. Soraya Vivian

Track : 9
Title : Make The World Go Round (Soulshaker Club Mix)
Artist : Soulshaker & Sandy B

Track : 10
Title : Lovefool (Trilogy Project Club Mix)
Artist : Distant Soundz feat. Rozalla

Track : 11
Title : Haven’t Met You Yet (Cutmore Club Mix)
Artist : Michael Buble

Track : 12
Title : Still In Love (Joey Negro Love Symphony Mix)
Artist : AC Soul Symphony feat. Ricci Benso

Track : 13
Title : Inside Out (DJ Meme Remix)
Artist : Belezamusica

Track : 14
Title : Over The Rainbow (Friends Of Dorothy Club Mix)
Artist : 4 Dorothy

Track : 15
Title : Heaven (Wayne G T-Dance Mix)
Artist : John LePage feat. Debby Holiday & LFB

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