Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Spring Into Action with the Hottest Circuit Anthems

Ahh yes, it’s that time of year when the dead foilage comes alive and pollen fills our membranes wreaking havoc on our sinuses while covering our outdoor belongings in fluorescent dust that seemingly never goes away. I’m talking about spring the often most desired and detested time of the year. It’s that transition from a cold dank winter (milder and milder year over year) to temperate days with lots of sunshine, rain and in the United States — tornadoes.

Put all of that aside for a moment and distract yourself with the Party Favorz annual Spring Edition 2022, which features the hottest circuit anthems and is chock-full of big tribal beats, big room progressive heat, and the biggest divas. Someday, I should make a calendar of all the cover art from our annual series because this guy is sizzling!

I’m dropping a double-hitter this weekend for a couple of key reasons: 1) this set came together flawlessly and if I sit on it for a week — new tracks will drop during that time making me compelled to add them, which just mucks everything up. 2) Our lease is up on July 3rd and since we have to give a two months notice, I’ll be hitting up the glutton of new properties in our county this next week so I can be locked and loaded when I start negotiations early. All signs indicate that our complex is raising rent by $300, which in this area makes no sense. We have a 2/3 occupancy rate and dozens of new housing complexes have been built in the past couple of years here. Add to that a sizeable amount that was already built between the 80s and just 10 years ago and there are a lot of options. We never bought a house because there are too many responsibilities involved and frankly, we don’t have any kids.

Truth be told, we’ve lived here since this place was under construction in 2017 and would like to remain here for a couple more years. Rick has talked about moving back to South Texas where we’re from to be closer to his family but the reason I left the entire state was to get away from there. My father is deceased and my mother and sister now live in North Texas about a 10-hour drive from there (yes, Texas is a big ass state) but that wouldn’t be for another couple of years if we decided to.

My goal is to be able to negotiate a new 24-month lease with a moderate increase that buys us enough time (because we hate moving) and by then, our plans could change depending on what direction the United States takes in its governing. I see things going south quickly, which is why we’ll be renewing our passports shortly to be prepared for the worst.

Touring these properties and gathering information, rates and desirable locations takes a lot of time. Don’t ever go by listings online as I’ve found in the past the rates are inflated. It would be foolish not to go to the physical property to see what they’re not showing you in these apartment finder apps. That and they almost always have move-in deals like the $2,000 debit card we got for moving where we’re at now. Funny how they always show a ton of pictures of the lobby as if that’s where you’re going to be spending the majority of your time. I get that first impressions are important, but that’s not what people are looking for when looking to move.

Anyhow, I digress. Just hope we aren’t moving in July because that will muck up the Party Favorz summer release schedule.

I do plan on getting ahead of the curve for Gay Pride this year. For one, there’s going to be a massive update to our earlier Gay Anthem and Pride Classics series and I may even release the annual Catch-Up series early this year. All of this isn’t set in stone and needs to be thoroughly vetted before I decide the right path forward but just know that this year’s Gay Pride is going to be big and I mean…really BIG! Kinda like you size queens like it.

For now, hit the gym and power through the hottest circuit anthems for spring!

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album: Spring Edition 2022 
Genre: Circuit, Tribal, Progressive House
Year: 2022
Total Time: 04:02:07

1. Kesha – Blow (Jonnas Roy Special Remix)

2. Rihanna – Only Girl (Adrian Lagunas & Jesus Mendiola Tribal Mix)

3. Celine Dion – I’m Alive (Leanh & Guilherme Guerrero Club Mix)

4. Ciara & Nina Flowers – Goodies (Sam Gee Dose Mix)

5. Doja Cat – Woman (Isak Salazar, Luis Vazquez & Erick Ibiza Remix)

6. Javier Contreras – Whenever You Lie (DJ Head Remix)

7. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez – Energy (Extended Mix)

8. Patrizze, DJ Suri & Juseph Leon – Sound Of My Voice (Oscar Velazquez Remix)

9. Celeda – The Underground (Michael Benayon 2022 Remix)

10. Black Flamingo feat. Mar Shine – Right In The Night (Dom De Sousa Remix)

11. Cher – Believe (Gui Guerrero Remix)

12. Sofi Tukker, T Anthony, Kryder – Everybody Needs A Kiss (João Lemoz PVT Mash!)

13. Juan Kidd & Felix Baumgartner feat. Lisa – Now Youre Gone (Brian Solis Remix)

14. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez – GinTronik (Original Mix)

15. Shouse – Won’t Forget You (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix)

16. Dan Slater & Zoe Badwi – I’ve Been Waiting (Stephen Jusko Remix)

17. Tony Moran feat. Jennifer Holliday – People Come Together (Erick Ibiza & Isak Salazar Super Cha Cha Cha Remix)

18. Camila Cabello – La Buena Vida (DJ João Anthem Mix)

19. Vizcaya vs. Reis feat. Cherish – Do It To It (Adrian Lagunas Triballand Mix)

20. Vizin – With U (Hector Fonseca & Erick Ibiza Circuit Remix)

21. The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin (Elad Yaniv Remix)

22. Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On (Cajjmere Wray 40th Anniversary Club Mix)

23. Jason Derulo – Take You Dancing (Luis Vazquez Dance Mix)

24. Javier Contreras, Ray Papito & Liran Shoshan – Alexa (Love Me Tonight) (DJ Head Remix)

25. The Weekend & Ariana Grande – Save Your Tears (Mor Avrahami Remix)

26. League of Heroes pres. Tony Moran – Save a Prayer (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix)

27. Katy Perry – When I’m Gone (Carlos Martinez & Uriel Ramirez Remix)

28. Anitta – Boys Don’t Cry (Neto Figueredo Remix)

29. Offer Nissim feat. Meital De Razon – Like This Like That (Intro Mix)

30. Nacho Chapado & Aline Jackson – What Am I Supposed To Do (Junior Senna Remix)

31. Lady Gaga – Love Game (Erick Ibiza & David Bolt Remix)

32. Yerko Molina feat. D’Layna – Release (Rafael Dutra Tribe Mix)

33. Dani Brasil & Nina Flowers – Stitches (Junior Senna Remix)

34. Vasil Garvanliev – Here I Stand (Jace M & Toy Armada Remix)

35. Tiësto feat. Nelly Furtado – Who Wants To Be Alone (Jonnas Roy Remix)

36. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez feat. KASLA – Stay (Extended Mix)

37. Yerko Molina – You Got Me Crazy (Andrei Stan Remix)

38. Aqua – Barbie Girl (Pavblo Ibarra Private Remix)

39. Joel Corry x Jax Jones feat. Charli XCX & Saweetie – OUT OUT (Uriel Ramirez & Carlos Martinez Remix)

40. Doja Cat & The Weeknd vs. Blond to Black – You Right (Hugo Warllen Private Mashup)

41. Billy Porter – Children (Edu Quintas & Leanh Club Remix)

42. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez – If U Wanna (Ride) (Original Mix)

43. Antoine Clamaran & Supala – Alert (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Mix)

44. Gianluca Motta feat. Molly – Not Alone (Alan Pilo & Pavblo Ibarra Super Tribal Drums Remix)

45. Alahin feat. Di Ferreira – Sing It Again (Stephen Jusko Remix)

46. Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez feat. PKDO – Something Special (Pedro Pons Remix)

47. Clean Bandit feat. A7S – Everything But You (Dirty Disco Mainrooom Remix)

48. Adriel Barreto & Alessander Gelassi – Musica House (Original Mix)

49. Andra Day – Rise Up (M.Torrez Intro Mix)

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