Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Edition 2009 Volume 1

Originally, I thought I was going to get some exclusives from DJ Bill Bennett for you guys, but that didn’t quite pan out.  We had been exchanging email messages and he assured me that I could use “Manhunt” and “Forever Young” in my Summer Edition, with pre-conditions that I didn’t mind abiding by.  Many of you may not know that he supplements his income as a nurse.  Let’s face it, bills have to be paid and that’s how he does it when he’s not in the studio or on the road.  Anyway, I know he’s been really busy lately, so I didn’t want to keep forcing the issue for fear of getting on his bad side, much-less being a pain in the ass.  He did send me his “Expelled From Catholic School Mix” for “Forever Young” and it’s a surefire winner.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work with any of the three sets so I decided to put that off until my next BPM.  The good news is that he has a double release scheduled for both songs on July 27th exclusively at Masterbeat.  I expect these much-anticipated songs to do extremely well in the clubs, on the charts, and at dance radio.  Already with two massive hits from his “Big Muscle of the Rhythm” album, last year’s summer anthem “Fame” and the Big Pig classic (one of my all-time favorites) “Breakaway” these two bombs should put his Big Muscle Tour back on the road for quite some time.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d go ahead and start rolling out these mixes so as to have them out for the BIG San Diego Pride events coming this weekend.  Our good friend John Longo from Circuit Cadence has caused quite a stir with his remarks over Peter Rauhofer’s track record for attending these types of events.  So this should prove to be an interesting weekend ahead and I’ve got Twitter on full alert.  You can follow the thread here.

As for this mix, this is probably about as commercial as it’s going to get.  Each subsequent mix after this gets a bit more progressive, tribal, darker and heavier with a few bright spots thrown in here and there to keep the vibe alive.  I’m pretty much booked solid the rest of the week, so I won’t be providing any further commentary.  Instead, I’ll just let each set speak for itself and hopefully, you guys can fill in my silence with your own comments, good or bad.  Hey, I’m a big boy and haven’t even come close to earning “diva” status yet, so I try to learn from other people’s critiques.

Enough blabbing.on to the music!

Album : Summer Edition v1
Genre : Circuit, Electro, Progressive, Tribal, Mainstream Club, House
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:33:32.00

Track : 1
Title : Avinu Malkeinu (Offer Nissim Mix)
Artist : Barbra Streisand

Track : 2
Title : Dame Un Poco (Manny Lehman Peak Hour Mix)
Artist : Edson Pride feat. Gabriela Nader

Track : 3
Title : Why You Wanna Hurt Me So Bad (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Booty Mix)
Artist : Nicki Richards

Track : 4
Title : More Is More (Ralphi Rosario Dirty Club Mix)
Artist : Heidi Montag

Track : 5
Title : Can’t Stop Movin’ (Klubjumpers Vocal mix)
Artist : Tania Mashay

Track : 6
Title : Make Me Feel (Original Mix)
Artist : Santiago & Bushido feat. Colette

Track : 7
Title : Bulletproof (Razor N Guido Vocal)
Artist : La Roux

Track : 8
Title : Sweet Dreams (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix)
Artist : Beyonce

Track : 9
Title : Better Life (DJ Neo Alternative Peak Club)
Artist : DJ Neo & Jocelyn Brown

Track : 10
Title : Goodbye (DJ Paulo Club Mix)
Artist : Kristinia DeBarge

Track : 11
Title : Shake It (Alexander & Mark VDH Dub)
Artist : Anane feat. Mr. Vegas & Tony Touch

Track : 12
Title : Give Me Love (Warren Rigg Club Mix)
Artist : Stephen Keyes

Track : 13
Title : Read My Lips 2009 (Wayne G & Andy Allder Back In The Day Mix)
Artist : Shanie

Track : 14
Title : Get On Top (DJ Paulo Remix)
Artist : Hector Fonseca

Track : 15
Title : Sometimes I Feel (Original Mix)
Artist : Dim Chris & Sebastien Drums feat. Polina

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