Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Heat | HOT Circuit Beats!

What an amazing week this has been for progressives!  First, the SCOTUS upholds the legitimacy of the Affordable Care Act, which would have caused millions of people to lose their health insurance had they ruled against it; followed by their ruling which legalizes same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Another ruling that was equally important but received less attention came from Arizona, where voters petitioned and passed a referendum that took the drawing up of districts out of state congressional hands and assigned it to a bi-partisan group consisting of two Republicans, two Democrats, and one independent.  If you’ve ever seen how these districts are drawn up on a map, you would have a better understanding as to why the Republicans have a stranglehold on Congress.  They are designed to cheat the system ensuring like-minded individuals (i.e. right-wing nutjobs) are the overwhelming majority in each district.

When you have competitive districts composed of mixed ideology, progressives will usually win and re-thugs couldn’t have that; so they challenged it and lost.  Now the momentum is on “we the people’s” side to have gerrymandering relegated to the dustbins of history throughout the US.  Bring it on bitches!

Granted, we’ve also been grappling with the deaths of nine black folks in a South Carolina church by yet another right-wing nut job, which has been ensconced in a debate over the Confederate flag and whether or not state capitals should be flying the core symbol of slavery.  Sadly, you have to take the good with the bad.  Nevertheless, this symbol of bigotry and hatred may be seeing its final days up on a pole in most southern states.  Walmart and Amazon have already yanked them from their shelves.  No doubt, all the racists will be waving the flag touting their support for their history, which frankly they know very little of.

For now, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!  I promised a little something-something for your 4th of July holiday and boy am I delivering!  I’ve got not one but TWO massive circuit sets going up (the second will be tomorrow) for your holiday enjoyment.  “Heat” and “sweat” are the two recurring themes in these sets, so make sure to drink plenty of water LOL.

I’ll be back tomorrow with part deuce.  Until then …ENJOY!

Album : Summer Heat
Genre : Circuit, Tribal, Progressive, House
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:28:14
  1. Offer Nissim vs. Peter Rauhofer vs. Oscar Velazquez & Edson Pride – I Heart The Ghosttown (Guy Scheiman S.O.S N.Y.C Pride Mashup)
  2. Taylor Swift – Out Of The Woods (Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Anthem Mix)
  3. Ryan Skyy feat. Niki Darling – DONE (Johnny Bass Remix)
  4. Starling Glow – Caution Tape (Nacho Chapado & Ivan Gomez Club Remix)
  5. Philip Grasso & Leo Frappier – Really Queen (Original)
  6. Joe Gauthreaux feat. Inaya Day – You Are My Family (Joe Gauthreaux’s West 48th Club Mix)
  7. David Guetta Feat. Emeli Sande – What I Did For Love (Guy Scheiman Remix)
  8. Barry Harris – What Makes Your Heartbeat Faster (Toy Armada, DJ GRIND Defibrillator Mix)
  9. Guy Scheiman feat. Michal S. – All Around the World (Vocal Mix)
  10. Redfoo – Juicy Wiggle (Ralphi’s Wrong Kinda Gurls Mix)
  11. Dario – (Let The Music) Save You (Gustavo Scorpio Club Mix)
  12. Jessica Sutta – Let It Be Love (Tommy Love Big Room Remix)
  13. Out Of Chaos – Jimmy (Ralphi Rosario Remix)
  14. Anne Steele – Without You Tonight (Wayne G Club Mix)
  15. Kelly Clarkson – Invincible (7th Heaven Remix)
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