Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

T-Dance Edition 2009 Volume 3 (Take 3)

Transitioning into the more soulful side of house, we’re working our way up to the weekend.  Starting things off, we’ve got the always amazing vocal talents of Andrea Love with the Praise Cats.  “Shined On Me” is a wonderful slice of gospel house full of meaning and uplifting spirituality.  In fact, the first four songs pretty much cover that same territory with some heavy hitters like Ron Caroll, Robert Owens and yes, even the fabulous Evelyn (Champagne) King who climbed back into the business last year.

Switching gears, Joey Negro takes us on a piano-pounding house stomping ride with “Ride the Rhythm” followed by a surprisingly successful Prince remake “When Doves Cry” by Yass.  Dropping the tempo a bit, we move into some deep house with Jake Island and Alec Sun Dre’s “Can You Feel It” followed by the uplifting “Don’t Stop” by Kwality Kontrol and Alana Bridgewater.

I decided to break away and move into the garage funk of Joey Negro’s ‘Sunburst Band’  and “Man of War”.  If I had to describe this song, I’d say it was a mashup between Isaac Hayes and Edwin Starr.  Steeped in 70s funk, Joey has a knack for making something old sound fresh again.  In order to keep things moving, I spice things up a bit with the Latin sounds of Da Lata and Diabel Cissokho’s “This Is Not Your Job” and the classic “Cada Vez by Negrocan.  Not to be complacent, I quickly move into the old-time (we’re talking 20s maybe 30s) style of “Why Don’t You” by GramophoneDzie.  Clearly, this is some sort of mashup stripped from a very old 78 (your great grandparent’s records) and sliced and sampled together with some house.  The end result is amazing!

Finally, I slip back into some new jack funk with “I Gotcha Back” by Charles Dockins before closing it out with the soulful sounds of Byron Stingily’s latest “100% Stalkin U”.  Through and through, this is a solid house number that will have the purest among you snapping your fingers and tapping your toes.

I’ll be heading out shortly to take Rick to the Birmingham airport.  It seems his mother is not doing so well and isn’t expected to be with us much longer.  So, he’s flying back to south Texas to be with her for about a week.  We’re seldom ever apart, but I understand.  So, I’ll try to keep myself busy over the course of the next week and attempt to knock out some of those Diva mixes I had been promising everyone.  We still have one more T-Dance to go and I’ll be sure to deliver that just in time for the weekend tomorrow. Until then.enjoy!

Album : T-Dance Edition v3
Genre : Dance, Funky, House, Soulful
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:46:00

Track : 1
Title : Shined On Me (Bini & Martini Re-Vocal Mix)
Artist : Praise Cats feat. Andrea Love

Track : 2
Title : Come Into My Life (Original Mix)
Artist : Richard Grey feat. Ron Caroll

Track : 3
Title : Loosen Up (Mark Grant Remix)
Artist : Jinkzilla feat. Robert Owens

Track : 4
Title : One More Time (Grant Nelson Club Mix)
Artist : Divas Of Color feat. Evelyn King

Track : 5
Title : Ride The Rhythm (Joey Negro House Dub)
Artist : Joey Negro

Track : 6
Title : When Doves Cry (Muthafunkaz Remix)
Artist : Yass

Track : 7
Title : Can You Feel It (Fred Everything Lazy Days Vox)
Artist : Jake Island feat. Alec Sun Dre

Track : 8
Title : Don’t Stop (Random Soul Remix)
Artist : Kwality Kontrol feat. Alana Bridgewater

Track : 9
Title : Man Of War (Joey Negro Psychedelic Funk Mix)
Artist : Joey Negro & Sunburst Band

Track : 10
Title : This Is Not Your Job (Yass Remix)
Artist : Da Lata feat. Diabel Cissokho

Track : 11
Title : Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix)
Artist : Negrocan

Track : 12
Title : Why Don’t You (Original)
Artist : GramophoneDzie

Track : 13
Title : I Gotcha Back (Groove Junkies Edit)
Artist : Charles Dockins

Track : 14
Title : 100 % Of Stalkin U (Deemah’s Vocal Remix)
Artist : Byron Stingily

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