T Dance Edition 2009 v4 1

T-Dance Edition 2009 v4 (Take 1)

T Dance Edition 2009 v4 1I want to apologize for freaking any of you out about the surgery. I’d swear I had brought this up a couple of months ago.  Regardless, this is a good thing, not bad.  I’m not dying, suffering or otherwise.  What this is for me is a game changer in my life.  I am fortunate to have met a physician who is going to have it done for me pro bono, which is the reason school was nixed this semester.  Insurance won’t cover the procedure and when an opportunity like this slaps you in the face, you stand up and pay attention.  So, all is well and no need for concern.

I also thought I’d take a little time to publicize my stats for the last 30 days at Podbean.  Currently, I am 100,000+ in downloads and streaming of my sets since the beginning of the year.  More importantly, here are my stats for the last 30 days alone:

Podcast Stats (Last 30 days)

Episode hits 11449
Subscribers 3277
Site visitors 1505

I’m currently shooting for the stars, but I’ll settle for worldwide domination.  Granted, these numbers don’t necessarily reflect what goes on in my Facebook group or fan page, much less iTunes or my blog.  All are inextricably linked, but provide a different avenue for those that follow in a manner that’s most convenient for them.  Nevertheless, for just my Podbean site, this is amazing!  I am humbled and thankful to be able to share my passion for house music with like-minded individuals or as I like to say “people with good taste” LOL!  I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without your support, this would have never happened.  I fully expect to be taking this to the next level sometime next year.  In the meantime, tell all of your friends and sign up for my emails, fan page and the newly created group page on Facebook.  I expect the group page to turn into a portal for all of my current and future Guest DJs to promote their awesome work.  So please, run don’t walk and spread the gospel of Party Favorz and if you haven’t signed up for my group page, please take the time to do it now.

As promised, I’m sending up my latest funky/soulful house set sprinkled with a hefty dose of Nu Disco.  As you can see, I brought lollipop girl out of retirement and played dress-up Barbie by changing out her tube top and shorts.  After all, I couldn’t have her smelling like a skank.LOL!  I was jamming to this last night and am all about the music in this mix.  Frankly, I think this is a nice counter to the circuit driven Autumn Edition that I’ll be juxtaposing it with throughout the week.  Take notice of the Freemasons’ 2009 mix of “Love On My Mind”.  Originally released in 2005, this worldwide smash gets a makeover and lends more to the original #1 disco classic “This Time Baby” from which it sampled.  Unfortunately, Freemasons dropped that part in at the end of the song, making it more of a cock tease of what’s possibly to come between now and next summer.  So, I edited it down to the point for those familiar with the original, which will certainly give you a hard-on for more.  For now, Eddie X and Niki Haris have done a remake which will show up on my next Autumn Edition, even though it doesn’t quite live up to the original, it’s on it’s way to becoming a huge hit.

I don’t want to sit around typing all day, so I’ll just let this set speak for itself.  I’ll be back on Monday with part two of the Autumn mix.  Until then, enjoy!

Album : T-Dance Edition 2009 v4
Genre : Funky, House, Soulful, NuDisco
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:18:45:00

Track : 1
Title : Back To Stay (Original Mix)
Artist : Fred Falke

Track : 2
Title : – Oblivion (Rasmus Faber Remix)
Artist : Bangana feat. Asha Edmund

Track : 3
Title : Chanson Du Soleil 2009 (Shane D Big Room Remix)
Artist : DJ Meme feat. Gavin Bradley

Track : 4
Title : Pumpin It Up (Solitaire vs. Sharp Boys Remix)
Artist : Reza

Track : 5
Title : Superstar (Josh Harris Club Mix)
Artist : Barbara Tucker

Track : 6
Title : Love On My Mind 2009 (Shakedown 2 Remix)
Artist : Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson

Track : 7
Title : The Real Thing (Maurice Joshua Nu Soul Mix)
Artist : Vanessa Williams

Track : 8
Title : All About Love (Ralf GUM Classic Main Mix)
Artist : Knee Deep feat. Cathy Battistessa

Track : 9
Title : One Love (Extended Version)
Artist : David Guetta feat. Estelle

Track : 10
Title : Suntan (Freemasons Remix)
Artist : The Beach & Tia

Track : 11
Title : Jacker’s 5th Symphony (Original Mix)
Artist : Audio Jacker

Track : 12
Title : Let Me Be Real (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
Artist : Fedde Le Grand feat. Mitch Crown

Track : 13
Title : I Don’t Care ’09 (DJ Dan Edit)
Artist : DJ Dan

Track : 14
Title : Time To Shine (Baggi Begovic Remix)
Artist : Aaron Ross feat. Natasha Watts

Track : 15
Title : Last Rhythm Revisited (Ashley Beedle Remix)
Artist : Last Rhythm

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