Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

T-Dance Edition 2010 Volume 3 | Take 2

Friday has finally arrived and once again, I am in a stellar mood, if not in fact at the top of my game!  I don’t know if it’s the great sex, cardio or the quadruple white mochas (which will be seeing the end of days shortly), but everything in my universe just feels right these days.  All I know is that it sure feels great to feel fabulous!

For those that closely follow this series, you may have picked up on the re-work of the 80s disco classic by D Train You’re the One For Me or the early millennium update of Georgie Porgie’s house classic Life Goes On.  Maybe you picked up on Jody Watley now performing house music for adults or even the return of Miss Moné and her tell it like it is, big vocals on the DJ Meme produced Love Don’t Pay the Rent.  Maybe you got tickled pink when you heard the bonus track mashup of Christina vs. Madonna.  Whatever it is, you’re sure to be delighted with the follow-up.

I’m giving everybody sunshine on a cloudy day, I’m putting rainbows in your cheerios and I’m sending out a love to keep you warm!  It’s supersonic, it’s funky, it’s fresh, it’s T-DANCE BABY!  So break out the margarita machine, pack the ice chest full of beer, head to the beach or stay at home and fire up the pit!  Summer is almost here, but what better time than now to do what????  I’m sorry, but I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!  You betcha, ENJOY!

Album : T-Dance Edition 2010 v3 | Take 2
Artist : Various
Genre : Funky, House, Soulful, Disco

Year : 2010
Total Time : 1:24:24:00

Track : 1
Title : Summer Grooves (Original Mix)
Artist : Mirage

Track : 2
Title : Be Lonely (Gianni Bini’s Back To The Roots Mix)
Artist : Mario Biondi

Track : 3
Title : Party People (Original Mix)
Artist : Carlos Vargas & Danny

Track : 4
Title : All The Love (Original)
Artist : The House Inspectors feat. Adaja Black

Track : 5
Title : Make The World Go Round (Soulshaker Club Mix)
Artist : Soulshaker & Sandy B

Track : 6
Title : High Energy (Original Mix)
Artist : Groovesplitters & Evelyn Thomas feat. The Lovely Laura On Sax

Track : 7
Title : Dancin (Funkellers Funky Mix)
Artist : Timo Graf feat. Mia Moore

Track : 8
Title : Simple Attraction (Hippie Torrales & George Mena Mix)
Artist : Luxe

Track : 9
Title : Down To Love (Original Mix)
Artist : Hot Toddy feat. Jennifer Rhonwen

Track : 10
Title : I Don’t Need You (Main Vocal Mix)
Artist : John Oudo feat. Nicole Mitchell

Track : 11
Title : Keep On Pushing (Aaron Ross Vocal Mix)
Artist : Nightrhymes feat. Tasita D’mour

Track : 12
Title : When I Fall In Love (Scott Wozniak Club Mix)
Artist : Jellybean feat. Susu Bobien

Track : 13
Title : Burnin’ Up (Original Vocal)
Artist : Miguel Migs feat. Sonny J Mason

Track : 14
Title : Crazy Man (Vincenzo Callea & Luca Lento Remix)
Artist : We Love 90 vs. Blast feat. VDC

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