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The World We Live In | Chill Edition


Around this time last year, I was knee-deep in school and trying to balance my studies with this site.  I had just finished the cover art for the Fall Edition and the Halloween Edition (which will be recycled on upcoming releases because they are that good) but just couldn’t bring myself to complete the sets to accommodate the cover art.  In fact, I’d say I was definitely in a dark place at the time and ultimately shut down the site. (What does that make…three times now LOL).

After listening to them repeatedly the past week, I decided that I really need to share these.  When I started collecting the songs for this, they were just a bunch of really cool slow jams.  I decided to connect them all together using sound effects. That soon evolved later in this first set to include snippets of current events. That was put to better effect by the second set coming out later this next week.

While I still have the two aforementioned (Fall, Halloween) sets to get to work on, I’ve decided to go ahead and tackle a new third set in this series.  No doubt, this election year has been an abundant resource of new material and with the slamming songs I’ve already compiled, should be a real eye-opener.

It’s cathartic to work on these and I seriously hope some of you can appreciate the amount of work that went into these because it’s a bitch and not like anything I’ve ever done before. I know this is not what you folks come here for, but it’s time to evolve. Besides, I’m probably only good for one of these a year.

So sit back, sip some wine or whatever you do to unwind at the end of the day, because baby, it’s time to chill. ENJOY!

Album : Chill Edition: The World We Live In
Artists : Various
Genre : Chill, Minimal, House, Jazz, Lounge
Length : 1:34:06

1. Intro: The World We Live In

2. Calar Del Sole - Cafe Del Mar (Lounge Remake)

3. Nightmares On Wax - You Wish (Original Mix)

4. Prelude: RIP Amy

5. Soulstice - Changes (King Kooba Downtempo Remix)

6. Prelude: Rick and I

7. Jerome IsmaAe - Underwater Love (Original Mix)

8. Gramatik - DreamBIG (Original Mix w-new intro)

9. Stac - All Or Nothing (Original Mix)

10. Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo (Original Mix)

11. Prelude: Anyone There?

12. Kristine W - What I Like About You (Emoticon Remix)

13. Prelude: Consequence of War

14. Maya Jane Coles - Nobody Else (Original Mix)

15. Prelude: Ideas of Grandeur

16. Washed Out - Feel It All Around

17. Tiesto & Mark Knight feat. Dino - Beautiful World (Violet Oversoul Remix)

18. Prelude: Parasitic Heartbeat

19. Anane feat. Roberto Cavalli - Love To Love You Baby

20. Leaking Shell - Rain (Original)

21. ChDLR - New Eleven

22. Prelude: Wasted Youth

23. Mysto & Pizzi Beats - Episode 11: Sleepyhead (Original Mix)

24. Aqualise feat. Theoby - Dimi Dimi Dimi

25. Marvin Zeyss - Ending (Manuel M Remix)

26. Miika Kuisma - Trying My New Wings

27. Prelude: Once Proud Me

28. Chris Paul & Mia V - Too Proud

29. Thievery Corporation - Culture Of Fear

30. Outro: Black Sunday

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