Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 1998 Volume 3

Let’s take a vibrant journey back to 1998, a landmark year in dance music that overflowed with sonic innovation and high-octane energy. It was a year that shone brightly with the top dance songs of 1998, transforming dance floors worldwide into pulsating heartbeats of revelry. Those days, the biggest dance songs of the year were the life of every party, each beat echoing the spirit of this remarkable time in dance music history.

Madonna’s ‘Ray Of Light’ found a mesmerizing new rhythm with the Calderone Club Mix. Calderone’s audacious flair spun the song into an enthralling dance anthem, securing its position as one of the top dance songs of 1998.

With ‘Believe’, Cher inspired an entire generation to dance their hearts out. The Club 69 Future Anthem Mix infused the song with futuristic beats and an undeniably captivating energy that made it one of the biggest dance songs of the year.

‘Nobody’s Supposed to be Here’ by Deborah Cox received an explosive makeover by Hex Hector. His Club Mix transformed the ballad into an irresistible dance track, putting it among the top dance songs of 1998.

Ultra Nate’s ‘Found A Cure’ was another standout, with the Full Intention Club Mix blending uplifting house beats with Nate’s powerful vocals. It was an electrifying tune that held dance enthusiasts spellbound.

Even the legendary Aretha Franklin found her way into the dance music scene, with ‘A Rose Is Still A Rose’ transformed by Hex Hector’s Club Mix. It reimagined the song with high-energy beats, making it one of the biggest dance songs of the year.

‘You Only Have To Say You Love Me’ by Hannah Jones was given a fresh spin by Rosabel’s Classic Club Mix. The resulting dance track reverberated with energetic vibes, marking it as one of the top dance songs of 1998.

Armand Van Helden teamed up with Duan Harden to produce ‘You Don’t Know Me’, a track that was instantly catchy and an unforgettable staple in dance music. The Original 12” was pure, foot-tapping ecstasy.

The year also saw Stardust deliver ‘Music Sounds Better With You’, an iconic track that became a global sensation. The Bibi & Dim’s Anthem from Paris had an infectious melody and groove that simply couldn’t be ignored, placing it among the biggest dance songs of the year.

The top dance songs of 1998 were more than just hits – they were electrifying soundtracks that colored our memories with vibrant hues of joy and excitement. They were the biggest dance songs of the year that redefined the genre, each one resonating with the collective energy of partygoers worldwide. Today, as we revisit these top dance songs of 1998, we’re reminded of a time when the music was audacious, the beats were intoxicating, and every song invited us to dance like no one was watching. So let’s put on these unforgettable tracks and dance our way back to the unforgettable rhythm of 1998.

Album : Year-End Edition 1998 | volume 3
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive
Year : 1998
Total Time : 01:25:48

1. Cher – Believe (Club 69 Future Anthem Mix)

2. Madonna – Ray Of Light (Calderone Club Mix)

3. Deborah Cox – Nobody’s Supposed to be Here (Hex Hector’s Club Mix)

4. Donna Lewis – Love Him (Soul Solution Club Mix)

5. Crystal Method – Comin’ Back (Club 69’s Funk Express Mix)

6. Ultra Nate – Found A Cure (Full Intention Club Mix)

7. Shawn Christopher – Sweet Freedom (The Richie Jones Throwdown Mix)

8. Aretha Franklin – A Rose Is Still A Rose (Hex Hector Club Mix)

9. Hannah Jones – You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Rosabels Classic Club Mix)

10. Da MOB feat. Jocelyn Brown – Fun (Main Vocal Mix)

11. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (Bibi & Dim’s Anthem from Paris)

12. Armand Van Helden feat. Duan Harden – You Don’t Know Me (Original 12”)

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