Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2002 Volume 2

In the year 2002, the dance club music scene was bursting at the seams with powerful beats and rhythmic innovation. DJs and artists worldwide were experimenting with sound and rhythm, creating some of the biggest dance songs that continue to resonate with fans even two decades later. Let’s delve into the captivating beats of the top dance songs of 2002 and the brilliant DJs who remixed them, namely “At The End”, “That Sound”, “Body (Reach Out)”, “Alive”, and “Some Lovin'”.

First on our nostalgic journey is the enchanting track “At The End” by iiO. The Scumfrog Remix of this song was a revolution of sound, merging electronic beats with a sultry vocal performance, making it one of the biggest dance songs of 2002. The Scumfrog, known for his signature style of fusing different genres, added a unique layer of depth to the original song.

Then, we have Rosabel’s electrifying “That Sound”. This track was a triumph of rhythm, using an array of percussive elements that made the song a staple in every DJ’s playlist. Rosabel, a duo known for their vibrant and compelling mixes, crafted a dance track that captured the essence of the top dance songs of 2002.

Faith Trent’s “Body (Reach Out)”, remixed into the Wide Life Club Mix, is another standout track. The pulsating beats and alluring vocals perfectly encapsulated the dance club atmosphere of 2002. Wide Life’s masterful remix amplified the energy of the original track, securing its place among the biggest dance songs that year.

Jennifer Lopez’s “Alive”, remixed by Thunderpuss into a Club Mix, is a track that cannot be overlooked. The energetic beats coupled with Lopez’s powerful vocals made this song a dance club sensation. Thunderpuss, a duo acclaimed for their club remixes, transformed “Alive” into a dance anthem, making it one of the top dance songs of 2002.

Finally, “Some Lovin'” by Murk vs. Kristine W, featuring the Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix, marked a thrilling conclusion to the biggest dance songs of 2002. Rauhofer’s masterful mix enhanced the song’s original elements, creating a powerful and engaging dance club hit.

2002 was a vibrant year for dance club music, with these tracks taking center stage. Whether you were a club-goer at the time or simply enjoy revisiting these beats, these top dance songs of 2002 continue to spark nostalgia and get people moving to this day. From the rhythmic mastery of “At The End” to the pulsating energy of “Some Lovin'”, the soundscape of 2002’s dance club scene remains unforgettable.

Album : Year-End Edition 2002 | volume 2
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive
Year : 2002
Total Time : 1:19:56:00

1. The Sound Of Goodbye (Armand Van Buren’s Rising Star Remix) – Perpetuous Dreamer

2. At The End (Scumfrog Remix) – iiO

3. Show Me (Michael T.Diamond Club Mix) – Suzanne Palmer

4. That Sound (Original Club Mix) – Rosabel

5. Shifter (Roger Sanchez Mix) – Timo Maas

6. Irresistible! (Mouth-Watering Mix) – Superchumbo

7. Body (Reach Out) (Wide Life Club Mix) – Faith Trent

8. Alive (Thunderpuss Club Mix) – Jennifer Lopez

9. Tonight (Thunderpuss Extended Mix) – Charlotte Church

10. Let Ya Have It (Guido’s Original Mix) – Michael M

11. Full Moon (Manny Lehman Pride Club Mix) – Brandy

12. Mr. Lonely (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Main Club Mix) – Deborah Cox

13. Some Lovin’ (Peter Rauhofer Reconstruction Mix) – Murk vs. Kristine W

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