Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2003 Volume 3

The early 2000s marked a pivotal time in the world of dance music, and 2003 stands out as a significant year for the genre. This period was enriched by an array of exceptional tracks that were skillfully remixed into some of the Top Dance Songs of 2003, many of which continue to reverberate in dance clubs today. From the mesmerizing beats of “Sunrise” by Simply Red to the captivating rhythm of “Harem (Cançao do Mar)” by Sarah Brightman, these songs defined the dance music scene.

Simply Red’s hit “Sunrise” was expertly transformed into a dance classic by the ATFC Morning Glory Remix. This track exemplified ATFC’s ability to skillfully mesh traditional club beats with more nuanced tones, creating an enchanting remix that was instantly recognized as one of the biggest dance songs of 2003.

Conjure One’s “Center of The Sun,” featuring Poe, found a new life on the dance floor with the Pete Lorimer 29 Palms Remix. Lorimer, known for his creative approach to remixing, introduced a rhythmic complexity to the track that was both enthralling and dance-worthy. The result was an unforgettable tune that easily made its way into the list of the Top Dance Songs of 2003.

In the same vein, Sting’s “Send Your Love” was brilliantly reimagined by Dave Audé, whose Extended Vocal Mix created an unforgettable dance anthem. Audé, renowned for his ability to transform popular songs into irresistible dance tracks, once again showcased his talent with this remix, contributing significantly to the year’s biggest dance songs.

Kelis’s infectious track “Milkshake” also had a noteworthy remix in 2003. The X-Press 2 Triple Thick Vocal Mix turned this already popular song into a dance floor hit. The remix’s energetic beats and unforgettable rhythm cemented its status among the Top Dance Songs of 2003.

The year also witnessed an outstanding remix of Beyoncé’s “Krazy In Luv,” thanks to Junior Vasquez. The veteran DJ’s remix introduced a fresh perspective to the hit song, contributing to the list of the year’s biggest dance songs.

Italian pop star Laura Pausini’s “Surrender” was given a dance music twist by the Lenny B. Club Mix. This remix’s energetic beats and enchanting rhythm transformed Pausini’s track into an essential dance club anthem of 2003.

Further cementing 2003 as a remarkable year in dance music, Dutch’s “My Time,” featuring Crystal Waters, got an Extended Vocal remix that had club-goers dancing their hearts out. This remix’s infectious rhythm made it one of the Top Dance Songs of that year.

Lastly, Sarah Brightman’s “Harem (Cançao do Mar)” underwent an impressive transformation with the Hex Hector Vocal Mix. Hector’s innovative approach elevated Brightman’s haunting vocals into a dance floor hit, reinforcing the prominence of this year in dance music history.

In summary, the year 2003 gave birth to an impressive array of dance music that still influences the genre today. The skillful remixes of popular tracks into the biggest dance songs of the year showcased the immense talent of the DJs of this era. These songs have left an indelible mark on the dance music scene, reinforcing 2003’s significance in the world of dance music.

Album : Year-End Edition 2003 | volume 3
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive, Tribal
Year : 2003
Total Time : 1:23:23:00

1. Sunrise (ATFC Morning Glory Remix) – Simply Red

2. Center Of The Sun (Pete Lorimer 29 Palms Remix) – Conjure One feat. Poe

3. Stand (Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix) – Jewel

4. Send Your Love (Dave Audé Extended Vocal Mix) – Sting

5. Falling (Nic Mercy’s Uplifting Club Mix) – Abigail

6. You’re Gonna Miss Me (Al B. Rich Remix) – Katrina Ruiz

7. Milkshake (X-Press 2 Triple Thick Vocal Mix) – Kelis

8. Krazy In Luv (Junior Vasquez Mix) – Beyoncé

9. Surrender (Lenny B. Club Mix) – Laura Pausini

10. My Time (Extended Vocal) – Dutch feat. Crystal Waters

11. What U Do 2 Me (Chris Cox Club Mix) – Boomkat

12. We Got Love (Main Mix) – Praise Cats feat. Andrea Love

13. I’ll Be There (Gabriel & DresdenTerrace Mix) – Weekend Players

14. Harem (Cançao do Mar) (Hex Hector Vocal Mix) – Sarah Brightman

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