Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Fall Edition 2009 Volume 3

T.G.I.T.!!! It’s Thursday and for many of you the end of your work week. As we gear up for the extended holiday break, I wanted to ensure that you had all of your party favorz prior to hitting the road for your final destination to whatever event you’re attending. In keeping with the first two mixes, I’m serving up some serious circuit havoc. While there are several notable songs in this set, I wanted to take a moment and point out two of them. First, our very own Mikey Cee from down under turns in what I guess is his very first mix with Larry T & Princess Superstar’s “Licky.” Frankly, I received this on promo several months ago and took a pass on it, only because I wasn’t feeling the electro mixes that accompanied it.

I have to say that Mikey has hit a home run his first time out. Basically, he’s turned this “where’s the hook” mess into a ball of thumping fun suitable for any dancefloor. In fact, I bumped Beyonce for his mix, so that should say a lot. Make sure you go over to his Facebook fan page and give him a pat on the back for a job well done. Hopefully, this is a sign of bigger things to come. The other song I wanted to point out is the brand spanking new Ron Perkov tune “Miss You.” Personally, I think he and Tony have really turned this one out. In fact, the entire release is just amazing! Not only do you get the ultra hot Moran and Rigg remix, but remixes by Manny Lehman, Mike Rizzo, Twisted Dee, and DeMarko! With a lineup like that, it’s hard to miss. Currently “Miss You” is available exclusively through Masterbeat.

That’s pretty much all I have for everyone. Remember, I’ve got my surgery next Tuesday and this site will have some downtime before posting picks up again, at least for mixes. As promised, I’ll get out the 2003 Chrome Edition and most likely the next BPM Edition sometime during the month. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I’ll catch everyone in a few.

Until know what to do, ENJOY!

Album : Autumn Edition 2009 v3
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal, Mainstream Club, House
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:19:56:00

Track : 1
Title : Let’s Get Busy (Marco Zappala Club Remix)
Artist : Clubland

Track : 2
Title : I Think Of You (DJ Paulo’s Levitation Vocal Mix)
Artist : Made By Monkeys feat. Darcy Conroy

Track : 3
Title : She Wolf (Thiago Antony Club Mix)
Artist : Shakira

Track : 4
Title : Celebration (Edson Pride Private Mix)
Artist : Madonna

Track : 5
Title : Miss You (T. Moran & W. Rigg Drums To The Soul Mix)
Artist : Ron Perkov

Track : 6
Title : Radio Active Love (Warren Rigg & Reed McGowan Radioactive Club)
Artist : Paul James feat. Carol Jiani

Track : 7
Title : Nothing’s Impossible (The Str8jackets Asylum Rub)
Artist : Kim English

Track : 8
Title : Deep Underground (Soul-Tek’s Disco Rub)
Artist : Parts Unknown

Track : 9
Title : I Love (Jose Spinnin’s Ursus Planet Mix)
Artist : Luis Alvarado

Track : 10
Title : Skin (DJ Escape Remix)
Artist : Charlotte

Track : 11
Title : Licky (Mikey Cee Remix)
Artist : Larry T feat. Princess Superstar

Track : 12
Title : Pumpin It Up (K Klass Remix)
Artist : Reza

Track : 13
Title : Good Life (Original Mix)
Artist : Kim Fai

Track : 14
Title : Mr. Charming (Original Mix)
Artist : Epiphony

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