Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Celebrate | Gay Pride 2017 Volume 1

Welcome to the 2017 Gay Pride celebration! I tend to think of Pride much like Christmas in that it only comes once a year (though at varying times based on calendar events in your area). Much like that other pagan holiday, there’s fantastic music we like to listen to each year, over and over. Of course, there are new entries by artists of the moment, who try to take rework classics or just stay true to the original. As you can see, the parallels are strikingly similar.

My original plan was to take songs from all of my previous Gay Pride Anthem sets and mix them in with a bunch of forgotten gems and some newer material. After compiling everything, it soon became an overly daunting task.

What I did instead, was take some of the most well-known (Un-break My Heart, Believe, etc.) and either infused them with updated versions or kept the original and then intertwined them with classics that have never appeared on any of my past sets along with a few newer entries like Martha Wash’s recent #1 Free People.

The final result is a soul-satisfying, upbeat, hands-in-the-air, fun romp through Pride anthems of then and now. It was painful to leave a lot of stuff off but remember everything is still here in one form or another under the Gay Pride category of Party Favorz. If you dig in just a little, there are a plethora of tunes and yours is likely in there somewhere.

Since I know several Pride events have already taken place with many more to come over the next several weeks (Atlanta’s isn’t until October); I want to make sure I get everything out promptly. So, I’ll be dropping a new set just about every other day until we reach the brand-spanking new Gay Anthems for a New Generation set, which is coming along quite nicely. The original set has gone on to be one of the BIGGEST releases Party Favorz has ever put out so I have big hopes for the companion piece dropping in just over a week.

Folks, it’s time to celebrate…ENJOY!

Album : Celebrate | Pride 2017 vol. 1
Genre : Circuit House Music
Year : 2017
Total Time : 01:28:47
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