Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Let It Shine | Gay Pride 2018 Volume 3

We have reached the end of the traditional Pride series with Let It Shine. Once again, this set consists of pride anthems/classics that have been updated for today’s dance floors. Sprinkled in are some brand-spanking new tracks like the wonderfully uplifting Together & Always by Steven Redant + Joe Gauthreaux.

If you have noticed any trends among these three sets, it’s that I used the White Party releases and Queer As Folk soundtracks as inspiration to create them. I went back and scrolled through the various track lists for these awesome compilations and then went and pulled or sought out updated versions of those songs. Since I’ve already created a plethora of sets with the original classic gay anthems, I found this to be a good way to draw from the best of both worlds. Giving folks familiar songs with refreshed versions of the originals.

I still have the Gay Anthems For a New Generation coming out on Friday. Since the original release two years ago these sets have garnered some of the most sought-after and downloaded sets I’ve ever put together. Instead of the standard circuit of many of my releases, these focus on more electro and modern-day house remixes with a gay twist. Their popularity cannot be understated and this year’s entry will likely be the biggest. At least I’m banking on it.

I need to give a HUGE shout out to Andy M., Ludovic D., Caye South M., Glenn A., Anthony S., and Paul B. for their more than generous contributions to my ongoing efforts! Donations are always welcome and definitely appreciated.

One last thought: With the recent passing of legislation by the EU pertaining to user privacy rights, Party Favorz has updated our own privacy policy. Please take the time to read it as I think you will find it enlightening.

That’s all I got for the moment. Until Frigay…ENJOY!

Album: Let It Shine | Pride 2018 vol. 3
Genre: Circuit, Tribal, House
Year: 2018
Total Time: 01:48:06
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