Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Spring Edition 2009 Volume 2

After an uneventful night here in Fulton County, the rain has subsided.  Happily, there are no tornados to report but we did get a lot of lightning and thunder.  Several areas reported high winds and hail, but we were spared mother natures wrath.  Seems to me when I posted last year’s Spring Edition, we had similar circumstances.  Though at that time there was a tornado downtown and you could see it on TV.  The warning sirens went off to take cover, but Rick and I just sat there and watched it all unfold on the tube.  Of course, it was a couple of miles away, so we didn’t have cause for concern despite the loud sirens.  Thankfully nothing happened this go around so I can bring you the second installment.

This set is jam-packed with some smoking hot tunes.  I’ve got to say that Yoko Ono has become quite the club diva.  It seems that ever since the classic “Walking On Thin Ice” was fabulously remixed by Danny Tenaglia (among several others) we have been treated to a new mix at least once a year.  I don’t know what it is about her since she never sold records amounting to anything and let’s face it, she can’t sing.  Nevertheless, the minute a DJ gets a hold on one of her songs, they somehow manage to work miracles.

The Craig C (not to be confused with Craig J which I often do) mix is smoldering.  We also get a follow-up to last years re-work of “Hot Shot” by Karen Young titled “Rendezvous With Me”.  As many of you know, Karen had a number one disco hit in 1978 with the latter and the story behind this song was that it was supposed to be the follow-up, but was never released.  Instead, they released a track called “Bring On the Boys” which no doubt may end up being re-worked as well.  In the meantime, MaxRoxx ripped this puppy apart with the original vocals intact.  Just listen and you’ll be blown away by how magnificent of a singer Karen really was.

Equally exciting is Razor ‘n’ Guido’s return to the scene.  I was all excited last year when the unauthorized remix of Britney’s “Break the Ice” surfaced by the duo.  It didn’t just signal a return, but a return to true form.  These guys know how to rock it out and “Get Up Stand Up” proves it.  I expect more great things from them this year.  Finally, I’ve got the Tony Moran remix of Utada’s “Come Back To Me”.

You might remember the equally hot Seamus Haji mix I used in my last BPM edition.  To me, this reminds me a great deal of what Tony did with Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” a few years back.  Re-working a ballad for the floor can be daunting, but doesn’t have to be, and this song proves it.  In fact, I’d say it works in spades.

Right now, I just need to get out and move around.  The sun broke through temporarily this morning, but we’re now back in clouds with somewhat cooler temps.  I hope everyone’s having fun this holiday weekend.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the final take on spring.  Until then.enjoy!

Album : Spring Edition v2
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal, Mainstream Club
Year : 2009
Total Time : 1:18:32.00

Track : 1
Title : Love Struck (Tracy Young Club Mix)
Artist : V Factory

Track : 2
Title : I’m Not Getting Enough (Craig C & Niques Tribal Vocal Mix)
Artist : Ono

Track : 3
Title : Movin (Chris Kaeser Remix)
Artist : Da Groove Doctors feat. Audio Sol

Track : 4
Title : Big Mama’s House (Peter Brown Mix)
Artist : Capretta

Track : 5
Title : So Good To Be Wrong (Johnny Vicious & DJ Escape Mix Vox Up)
Artist : Yenn

Track : 6
Title : Sundays At Heaven (Cajjmere Wray’s Heavenly Club Mix)
Artist : J.Velarde & Luque & Vitti feat. Giovanna

Track : 7
Title : Rendezvous With Me (MaxRoxxMIX)
Artist : MaxRoxx pres. Karen Young

Track : 8
Title : Wanna Be A DJ (Mike Cruz Club)
Artist : AmberRose Marie

Track : 9
Title : Not The One (Johnny Vicious Extended Mix)
Artist : Andrea Carnell

Track : 10
Title : Get Up Stand Up ’09 (Original Mix)
Artist : Razor ‘N’ Guido

Track : 11
Title : Cover Girl (Twisted Dee’s Club Mix)
Artist : RuPaul

Track : 12
Title : Your Love (Got 2 Have It) 2009 (Alex Acosta Tribal Drums Mix)
Artist : Ceevox

Track : 13
Title : Come Back To Me (Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Club Mix)
Artist : Utada

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