Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Summer Edition 2016 Volume 2

It’s precisely 3:14 AM and I can’t sleep. So, I thought I’d go ahead and drop this massive bomb on everyone as a little TGIF early morning gift when you wake up.

The Summer Circuit Edition pt.2 picks right up where we left off with sizzling tribal beats for those hot sticky nights.

Things kick-off with Offer Nissim’s dark and divalicious We Can Make It and then just steam rolls through the rest of the set. 

While not a huge radio hit, I Ain’t Your Mama (Jennifer Lopez) has hit all the right notes with us gay folk and Danny Verde gets serious in his remix of the song. As you would expect, he uses deep and progressive beats while keeping the lively attitude of the lyrics intact. Score!

Betty Who returns with an unexpected remake of I Love You Always Forever originally sung by one-hit wonder Donna Lewis. This is one of those songs I’d prefer to not remember from the 90’s but it works surprisingly well. Even more so on the laid-back version coming up on the next installment of Summer Chill. Give it a few spins and you’ll be singing along like a happy little love bird.

It’s Britney, BITCH! and she’s back with a new single and new album in the works. Of course, leave it to Barry Harris to snatch that puppy up and work the shit out of it.

Brazil’s HenriqMoraes whips out a bootleg for Jason Derulo’s Want To Want Me even after the label kinda didn’t support it that much. We never got the full 7th Heaven version of this catchy pop tune but Henriq stays true his style, while maintaining the fun “pop” of the original. If his name is familiar from another recent post, it’s because he also re-worked Madonna’s Like a Virgin, which landed on her most recent Diva Hall of Fame set. This guy has a good ear and knows his shit and should be someone you should follow. I’m fairly certain he’s got some tricks up his sleeves and will surprise us in the coming year.

Not another all-girl group! Well, yes and frankly I’m really digging these chicks. Fourever1 are quadruplets picked up by Randy Jackson’s label. I dropped an EDM version of All About Tonight on Summer Slammers pt. 2 and am now sending up Ranny’s fantastic version. He stays in the framework of the original but gives it some super-juice by banging those beats pretty hard.

Cheap Thrills by Sia should have made an appearance back in Spring but I forgot to include it. Then again on Gay Days and I forgot again. Then again on Summer Circuit Edition pt.1 and for some fucked up reason I forgot again. The good news is that the song has been one of those creeping up the pop charts making it one of the biggest summer hits for 2016. Relevance is key in this instance (even if I do pride myself on picking the hits before they actually are one). You know what, it’s finally made it on to a mix; get over it (that ‘s me talking to my evil snarky twin).

As long as he doesn’t get political or even open his mouth, I’ve become a solid Bieber fan. Hey, I admit it. I like his music. Cold Water with Major Lazer is catchy and a great piece of work. I don’t care who he fucks or the bro wars because I don’t follow all that nonsense. If you write and sing catchy songs and display a semblance of maturity, then I’m on your side. He’s definitely being well-served by taking advice from Usher in going from scrawny to hotty. I always new the transformation would come and welcome it since he looks great!

Barry handled the song by making two versions. One hot and the other cold. I prefer the cold. I think he’s unsure about the slowdown tempo change in the song before picking up again. I’ll just say that he’s the master at handling these songs that change tempo and it comes across effortlessly. Another score for Barry.

Houston’s Dirty Disco return with a HUGE winner in Fabulous by none other than Jeanie Tracy. I’d say this is the best use of her voice in some time and the sister just works it (2 snaps and a twirl).

Ranny pops back in with his version of Adele’s MOR adult-oriented slog Send My Love (To Your New Lover) a song that I detest until I heard Ranny’s version. So much so, it had me bouncing around like I was a human pogo stick.

Leanh & Mauro Mozart (another name you should be watching out for) turn in the spring pop hit by DNCE Cake By the Ocean. I think it’s going for the millennial version of MacArthur Park another song about a cake that makes absolutely no sense but hey, it’s fun.

Finally, I close the set out with a tribute by our fallen brothers and sisters from the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando last month by Broadway for Orlando. What the World Needs Now Is Love is a remake of a Dionne Warwick classic from the 60’s and a fitting tribute. There are several excellent mixes that come with this package, but I went with Dave Aude’s more straight up version out of respect.

I want to thank all the well-wishers among you. My operation went fine with some minor pain but I’m healing up nicely. Thanks again.

I’ll be starting on the second Summer Chill Edition this weekend and expect to have that out by next week. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and as always …ENJOY!

Album : Summer Edition 2016 PT. 2
Genre : Circuit, Progressive, Tribal
Year : 2016
Total Time : 01:57:29
  1. Offer Nissim feat. Dana International – We Can Make It (Intro Club Version)
  2. Halsey – Castle (Erick Fabbri Remix)
  3. Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama (Danny Verde Remix)
  4. Karine Hannah – Victory (Tracy Young Club Mix)
  5. Michael Blume – Colors (Mike Cruz Tribal Vocal Remix)
  6. Betty Who – I Love You Always Forever (Hector Fonseca & Eduardo Lujan Remix)
  7. Britney Spears – Make Me (Barry Harris Remix)
  8. Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me (HenriqMoraes Love Mix)
  9. Fourever1 – All About Tonight (Ranny’s Fiesta Mix)
  10. Sia feat. Sean Paul – Cheap Thrills (Barry Harris Remix)
  11. Katy Perry – Rise (Barry Harris Remix)
  12. Rihanna – Needed Me (Barry Harris Remix) [Explicit]
  13. Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber – Cold Water (Barry Harris Soft Water Mix)
  14. Dirty Disco feat. Jeanie Tracy – Fabulous (Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix)
  15. Enrique Iglesias feat. Wisin – Duele El Corazon (Tracy Young Ferosh Club)
  16. Guy Scheiman & Katherine Ellis – Say A Little Prayer (Miguel Picasso Remix)
  17. Galantis – No Money (Edson Pride Remix)
  18. Jimmy D Robinson & feat. Carol Jiani – Heaven Earth Man (Mauro Mozart Circuito Remix)
  19. Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) [Ranny’s Peak Hour Mix]
  20. DNCE – Cake By The Ocean (Leanh & Mauro Mozart Mix)
  21. Broadway For Orlando – What The World Needs Now Is Love (Dave Aude Club Remix)
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