Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 1997 Volume 2

Step into the radiant kaleidoscope of 1997, a year that rhythmically throbbed with infectious energy as dance music blossomed in full bloom. From the disco-lit clubs to the after-hours parties, the beats of the biggest dance songs of the year pulsed through the air, creating a symphony of sonic delight. Let’s pay homage to the DJs and musicians who sculpted the top dance songs of 1997, crafting a year-long anthem that resounded across dancefloors worldwide.

Lisa Stansfield captured hearts not once but twice that year. “Never Gonna Fall (Junior’s Return To 27th & 10th Anthem)” lit up the dance floor, her soulful vocals harmoniously intertwining with Junior Vasquez’s pulsating beats, offering a musical journey of exhilaration. Later, Stansfield returned with “People Hold On (Jon Is The Don Mix)”, a remix imbued with a revitalized energy, embodying the exhilarating spirit of 1997’s dance music scene. The irony is that Miss Stansfield topped the U.S. Dance Club charts despite Clive Davis dropping her from Arista Records distribution in the U.S. because of one of his well-known queen tantrums.

Next on our musical time capsule is Mariah Carey’s “Honey (Classic Mix)”. This melodic masterpiece combined Mariah’s honeyed vocals with a buoyant, carefree beat that made it an instant favorite. David Morales’ classic mix transformed this R&B track into a dance floor dynamo, reinforcing Mariah’s status as a versatile music maven.

1997 also gave us Ultra Nate’s “Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix)”, a timeless anthem that championed personal freedom and self-expression. The extended vocal mix added an extra layer of depth to the track, transforming it into an unforgettable, foot-tapping experience. Ultra Nate’s powerful vocals and message resonated with the LGBT community, making “Free” a staple of Gay Pride celebrations for years to come.

Robin S’s “It Must Be Love (Fitch Bros Club Mix)” infused an enticing energy into every club it reached. With its electrifying melody and Robin’s passionate vocals, it was a magnet for dancers seeking a touch of romantic flair in their dance music.

Hanna Jones’ “You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Eddie’s Big Vocal Mix)” was a love letter to dance music fans. Eddie’s bold mix enhanced Hanna’s hypnotic voice, making it a club classic.

Deborah Cox’s “Things Just Ain’t The Same (Hex Hector’s Club Mix)” captivated listeners with its emotional honesty. Hex Hector’s club mix turned this heart-wrenching track into a dance floor sensation, making it one of the top dance songs of 1997.

Rounding off our reminiscence, Amber’s “One More Night (Hani’s Num Club Mix)” offered an intoxicating blend of dance beats and Amber’s enchanting vocals. It epitomized the power and allure of dance music, holding dancers captive until the early morning light.

Reflecting back on this exciting era, the biggest dance songs of the year stirred a whirlwind of emotions, from joy to heartache, all wrapped up in irresistible beats. The top dance songs of 1997 exemplify the vibrancy and creativity that characterized the year. These timeless tracks continue to inspire, reminding us of the transformative power of dance music and its ability to bring people together on the dance floor, creating shared memories that last a lifetime.

Album : Year-End Edition 1997 | volume 2
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive
Year : 1997
Total Time : 01:27:32

1. Lisa Stansfield – Never Gonna Fall (Junior’s Return To 27th & 10th Anthem)

2. Mariah Carey – Honey (Classic Mix)

3. Ultra Nate – Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix)

4. Björk – I Miss You (Underwater Mix)

5. Robin S – It Must Be Love (Fitch Bros Club Mix)

6. Byron Stingily – Get Up (Everybody) (Mousse T. Remix)

7. Hanna Jones – You Only Have To Say You Love Me (Eddie’s Big Vocal Mix)

8. Whitney Houston – Step By Step (Tony Moran Remix)

9. Lisa Stansfield – People Hold On (Jon Is The Don Mix)

10. Deborah Cox – Things Just Ain’t The Same (Hex Hectors Club Mix)

11. Amber – One More Night (Hani’s Num Club Mix)

12. Sandy B – Ain’t No Need To Hide (Deep Dish Sequel Mix)

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