Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2000 Volume 2


The year 2000 was a palette of vibrant beats and pulsating rhythms in the world of dance music. It was a time when the disco ball mirrored the ecstasy of the crowd, as they lost themselves in the sweet intoxication of rhythm. The top dance songs of 2000 were the epicenter of this cosmic dance floor, their energy seeping into the hearts and souls of those entranced by their tune. These tracks weren’t just a mere collection of melodies; they were the biggest dance songs of the year, each possessing a unique tale to tell, a unique rhythm to dance to.

On that note, let’s wade into the thrilling depth of “Dive In The Pool.” This classic by Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay, in its X-Union Mix incarnation, was an absolute force on the dance floor. It was as if you could feel the splash of water on your skin as the song’s infectious beats cascaded around you.

Taylor Dayne’s “Planet Love” was a breath of fresh cosmic air in the Friburn & Urik Vocal Mix. It was as if Dayne had harnessed the energy of celestial bodies and set them to a dance beat. The song was a voyage to a planet where love and rhythm reigned supreme, making it one of the top dance songs of 2000.

The Johnny Vicious Club Mix of “Show Me” by Angel Clivilles was a daring call to the dance floor. The track pulsated with a primal energy that dared you not to move, its beats coursing through your veins like a rhythmic lifeline.

Who could forget Sonique’s “It Feels So Good” in its Serious Remix avatar? The song was a serenade to the senses, its beats like a heartbeat echoing in the vast auditorium of dance music. It was an anthem for those moments when music felt like a lifeline, a balm for the soul.

“Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65 in its Hannover Remix version was like a splash of vibrant color on the dance floor. The track’s infectious beats were a delightful surprise, a vivid musical concoction that firmly planted itself as one of the biggest dance songs of the year.

Ann Nesby’s “Lovin’ Is Really My Game” shook the dance floor with the Thunderpuss Club Mix. It was a game where the stakes were high, but the rewards – a symphony of rhythmic ecstasy – were worth every beat.

The list won’t be complete without the Rosabel’s Cha Cha Club Mix of “Don’t You Want My Love” featuring Debbie Jacobs. The track was an irresistible invitation, its beats an alluring promise of rhythm and dance.

In summary, the top dance songs of 2000 were a rhythmic symphony that echoed throughout the year. The biggest dance songs of the year were more than just beats and lyrics; they were the soul of the dance floor, the heart of the party. They reminded us of the power of rhythm, the allure of dance, and the universal language that music speaks. They weren’t just songs; they were timeless anthems that continue to move feet, touch hearts, and fill the dance floor with an energy that is as infectious today as it was two decades ago. The year 2000 may have passed, but its dance music legacy dances on, in the rhythm of our hearts and the melody of our memories.

Album : Year-End Edition 2000 | volume 2
Genre : Circuit, Mainstream, House, Classics
Year : 2000
Total Time : 1:45:24:00

1. Vienna (Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix) – Linda Eder

2. Dive In The Pool (X-Union Mix) – Barry Harris feat. Pepper Mashay

3. If It Don’t Fit (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) – Abigail

4. Planet Love (Friburn & Urik Vocal Mix) – Taylor Dayne

5. Show Me (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) – Angel Clivilles

6. It Feels So Good (Serious Remix) – Sonique

7. Fly Away (Bye Bye) (Extended Yeeeeeah Mix) – Eyes Cream

8. 2 Times (Original Extended) – Ann Lee

9. Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Hannover Remix) – Eiffel 65

10. I Never Knew (Hani Anthem Vocal Mix) – Deborah Cox

11. I’m In Love (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) – Veronica

12. Lovin’ Is Really My Game (Thunderpuss Club Mix) – Ann Nesby

13. Don’t You Want My Love (Rosabel’s Cha Cha Club Mix) – Rosabel feat. Debbie Jacobs

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