Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 2001 Volume 5


Immerse yourself in a time capsule as we whirl back to 2001, the year dance music reached dizzying heights and infiltrated every corner of our lives. The Top Dance Songs of 2001 came pumping through our radios, spinning in clubs, and even pulsating from our newly purchased iPods. Those were the days where our emotions were as fluttering as the drumbeats, each tune underlining our heart’s rhythm. In this exciting time, some of the biggest dance songs of the year emerged, forever marking the sands of our musical landscape.

Let’s start our rhythmic journey with the intoxicating “Family Affair (Spanish Fly Remix)” by Mary J. Blige. This tune transformed the dance scene, blending Latin-infused beats with Blige’s powerful vocals. The Spanish Fly Remix, with its sizzling salsa undertones, had everyone tapping their feet and swaying their hips, carrying the very essence of the 2001 dance scene.

Next, we pivot to the hypnotic beats of “Needin’ U II (2001 Main Anthem Mix)” by David Morales pres. The Face feat. Juliet Roberts. It was an all-consuming track that encapsulated the year’s energetic euphoria. The Main Anthem Mix, with Juliet’s soaring vocals, entranced listeners, proving why it was one of the Top Dance Songs of 2001.

“Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (Extended Vocal Mix)” by DJ Spiller was another game-changer. The song, with its catchy bassline and irresistible groove, strummed everyone’s soul strings. It was like a musical espresso shot, invigorating and mesmerizing, an embodiment of the biggest dance songs of the year.

Crystal Waters’ “Come On Down” further enlivened the dance scene with its infectious rhythm. It was a magnetic track, effortlessly pulling in listeners with its unique blend of disco beats and modern flair. It was as refreshing as a cool breeze on a scorching summer day, capturing the spontaneous spirit of 2001.

Next in line is Blu Cantrell’s “Hit’em Up Style (Junior Vasquez Remix).” It was a dynamic track that danced with attitude. The Junior Vasquez remix put a spin on the original, adding a danceable dimension that took this track to soaring heights in the 2001 club scene.

Moving on, we dive into the upbeat “Hella Good (Roger’s Release Yourself Mix)” by No Doubt. The song resonated with the youth’s rebellious vibes, with Roger’s mix adding an irresistible danceability that echoed through nightclubs worldwide.

Lastly, we can’t forget “Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Erick Morillo vs. Who Da Funk Remix)” by Modjo. This song was a tantalizing cocktail of catchy lyrics, groovy beats, and smooth vocals. Erick Morillo and Who Da Funk’s remix brought a fresh layer to the already popular track, ensuring it was one of the Top Dance Songs of 2001.

In conclusion, 2001 was a year of musical awakening, filled with the pulsating beats of the biggest dance songs of the year. The Top Dance Songs of 2001 had a lasting impact, each tune etching its rhythm into the dance music culture’s fabric. From hip-shaking Latin remixes to anthem-like hits, this vibrant chapter in dance music history served as a testament to the year’s kaleidoscopic energy and passion. As we spin through the tracks, let’s not forget the value and impact these songs hold, each one a shimmering piece of our shared dance floor memories.

Album : Year-End Edition 2001 | volume 5
Genre : Circuit, House, Mainstream Club
Year : 2001
Total Time : 1:31:54.00

1. Someone To Call My Lover (HQ2 Club Mix)- Janet Jackson

2. Family Affair (Spanish Fly Remix) – Mary J. Blige

3. Finally (Original Extended Mix) – Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight

4. Needin’ U II (2001 Main Anthem Mix) – David Morales pres. The Face feat. Juliet Roberts

5. Get It Up (The Feeling) (Spen & Karizma Main Vocal) – Ultra Nate

6. Mine To Give (David Morales Happy Mix) – Photek feat. Robert Owens

7. South Side (Pete Heller Park Lane Vocal) – Moby

8. In These Shoes (Mark’s Heels To Platforms Vocal Mix) – Bette Midler

9. I’m Real (Warren Clarke’s Club Mix) – Jennifer Lopez

10. Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (Extended Vocal Mix) – DJ Spiller

11. Come On Down (Unknown Mix) – Crystal Waters

12. What It Feels Like For A Girl (Tracy Young Club Mix) – Madonna

13. Hit’em Up Style (Junior Vasquez Remix) – Blu Cantrell

14. Hella Good (Roger’s Release Yourself Mix) – No Doubt

15. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Erick Morillo vs. Who Da Funk Remix) – Modjo

16. Break 4 Love (Friburn & Urik Hi-Pass Mix) – Peter Rauhofer + The Pet Shop Boys = The Collaboration

17. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (Junior Vasquez Earth Mix) – Rosabel feat. Jennifer Holliday

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