Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Top Dance Songs of 1999 Volume 1

Dance music was at its peak in 1999, a kaleidoscope of genres and grooves. From sweaty nightclubs to the vibrant festival scene, the year was a rhythmic rollercoaster ride with the Top Dance Songs of 1999. That year, the airwaves were saturated with unforgettable tunes, the biggest dance songs of the year that redefined the sound of the era and continued to influence music for years to come.

One such track was Kim English’s ‘Unspeakable Joy (Razor ‘n’ Guido Vocal Mix)’. The uncontainable energy of this song, combined with English’s soulful vocals, and Razor ‘n’ Guido’s expert mixing, created an irresistibly groovy dance track. Every beat radiated an infectious joy that left no foot idle on the dance floor.

Then there was the pop princess herself, Britney Spears, who danced her way into our hearts with ‘Sometimes (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)’. This remix turned the sweet pop melody into an epic dance anthem that transformed clubs into euphoric realms of rhythm and dance. It’s a testament to the Thunderpuss duo’s genius that they could take a pop song and morph it into one of the biggest dance songs of 1999.

And who could forget the powerhouse collaboration of Whitney Houston, Faith Evans, and Kelly Price on ‘Heartbreak Hotel (Hex Hector Club Mix)’? Hex Hector’s remix added a touch of dance magic to this soulful ballad, making it an unexpected yet undeniably potent club banger.

Mariah Carey’s ‘I Still Believe (Morales’ Classic Club Mix)’ was another chart-topper, a perfect blend of her renowned vocal prowess and Morales’ brilliant remixing skills. The result was a dance anthem that shimmered with hope and echoed with resilience, making it one of the top dance songs of 1999.

Adding a dash of European flavor, ‘Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)’ by Moloko, infused a bit of funk and a whole lot of energy into the dance scene. The UK duo’s playful lyrical style and Boris Dlugosch’s innovative mix made this track a global dance floor sensation.

Not to be left behind, Basement Jaxx’s ‘Red Alert (Eric Morillo & Harry ”Choo Choo” Romero Mix)’ was a genre-bending masterpiece. The creative fusion of house, electronica, and Morillo and Romero’s pulsating beats was pure auditory brilliance.

Last but not least, Paul Johnson’s ‘Get Get Down (Choo Choo’s Subliminal Mix)’ became a dance anthem with its addictive, simple rhythm and contagious energy. It was a classic representation of the hypnotic power dance music possessed that year.

In essence, 1999 was a standout year for dance music, the pulsing heart of the millennial transition. The Top Dance Songs of 1999 were the soundtrack of a year full of passion, evolution, and creativity. These biggest dance songs of the year not only moved us physically but resonated within, transforming the way we perceived and enjoyed music. As we reminisce about these unforgettable tunes, we realize the indelible impact they’ve had, their echoes still palpable in today’s dance music scene. So, put on your dancing shoes, and let’s keep the party going!

Album : Year-End Edition 1999 | volume 1
Genre : Circuit, House, Progressive
Year : 1999
Total Time : 01:11:46

1. Kim English – Unspeakable Joy (Razor ‘n’ Guido Vocal Mix)

2. Britney Spears – Sometimes (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix)

3. Pocket Size – Walking (Sal Dano & Brian K Mix)

4. Yaz – Situation (Club 69 Future Phunk Mix)

5. Eurythmics – 17 Again (Peter Rauhofer Vocal Anthem Mix)

6. Whitney Houston feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price – Heartbreak Hotel (Hex Hector Club Mix)

7. Mariah Carey – I Still Believe (Morales’ Classic Club Mix)

8. Moloko – Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix)

9. Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (Eric Morillo & Harry ”Choo Choo” Romero Mix)

10. Paul Johnson – Get Get Down (Choo Choo’s Subliminal Mix)

11. Hani – Baby Wants To Ride (Original Version)

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