Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Ultimate 80s Dance Music: The Essential Dance Mix Volume 1

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of the 80s dance music era with Party Favorz’s first of six volumes of The Essential 80s Dance Mix. This collection celebrates the decade’s dynamic shifts in dance music, amalgamating the standout tracks from our previous sets including Pure Energy, Pump Up the Volume, Hit That Perfect Beat!, and the Back 2 the 80s series.

The 80s music scene began on the foundation laid by disco. As the decade progressed, a transition towards synth-driven beats began to define the era’s sound. This evolution is encapsulated in Duran Duran’s “All She Wants Is“, a song that perfectly captures the synthesizer-led trend of the mid-80s.

The underground scenes of Chicago and New York gave birth to a fresh genre midway through the 80s – house music. This style’s mainstream breakthrough arrived by 1989 with Soul II Soul’s club and pop radio hit, “Back To Life“. Anthony & The Camp’s “What I Like” exemplifies this rising house sound with its Extended Dance Mix, blending pulsating rhythms and layered vocals.

Grace Jones’ “I’m Not Perfect“, embodies the genre-blending spirit of the period, infusing reggae, new wave, and pop into a dancefloor-ready anthem. The late 80s also saw an explosion of pop dance tracks like Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance” which combined hip-hop elements with dance beats, becoming a defining sound of the era’s end.

As the transitions between styles might seem stark due to the vast musical diversity we’re showcasing, this compilation’s richness encapsulates the multifaceted spirit of the 80s dance music era. Immerse yourself in these sonic gems that paint a vivid picture of a pivotal decade in dance music. Enjoy this trip. It is a trip. Countdown is commencing!

Album: The Essential 80’s Dance Mix vol. 1
Genre: 80’s Dance
Year: 2019
Total Time: 02:30:39

1. Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (Ultimix Mix)

2. Duran Duran – All She Wants Is (Ultimix)

3. Debbie Gibson – Electric Youth (Ultimix)

4. Anthony & The Camp – What I Like (Extended Dance Mix)

5. Ollie & Jerry – Breakin (There’s No Stoppin Us) (Select Mix Remix)

6. Yaz – Situation (Ultimix)

7. Grace Jones – I’m Not Perfect (Hot Tracks Mix)

8. Janet Jackson – What Have You Done for Me Lately (Hot Classics Remix)

9. Prince – Erotic City (Hot Classics Remix)

10. Nenah Cherry – Buffalo Stance (Hot Classics Mix)

11. Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun (Select Mix Remix)

12. Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Select Mix Remix)

13. Debbie Gibson – Only In My Dreams (Hot Tracks Mix)

14. Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent (Hot Classics Remix)

15. Heaven 17 – Let Me Go (Edge Remix)

16. Erasure – A Little Respect (Edge Remix)

17. New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Edge Remix)

18. Yaz – Don’t Go (Edge Mix)

19. Dan Hartman – We Are The Young (Club Version)

20. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Hot Tracks Mix)

21. Madonna – Causing A Commotion (Hot Classics Remix)

22. Whitney Houston – How Will I Know (Select Mix Remix)

23. Janet Jackson – When I Think of You (Select Mix Remix)

24. Pebbles – Mercedes Boy (Hot Classics Remix)

25. Taylor Dayne – Tell It To My Heart (Select Mix Remix)

26. Company B – Fascinated (Select Mix Remix)

27. Nu Shooz – Point of No Return (Ultimix)

28. INXS – Need You Tonight (Culture Shock Remix)

29. Vanity 6 – Nasty Girl (Hot Classics Remix)

30. Prince – 1999 (Select Mix Remix)

31. David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Edge Remix)

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