Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Grade A House

The weekend is here and that makes it an excellent time for some booty bumping grade A house!  I took a little bit of a turn with this set; instead of drowning it with a bunch of filtered disco (of which there is plenty to be sure), I smothered it with some fabulous vocal house and sprinkled a couple of left-fielders to top it off.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this set which has been road-tested; smartphone tested and home stereo tested. It past in all areas of sound, song choice and get high marks for best all around.  Then again, all of my sets go through that rigorous testing.  If they miss any of those benchmarks, then it’s back to the drawing board until they get high marks and my stamp of approval.  What can I say? I put a lot into each and every set and don’t skip on overall quality just to get it out.

I hope you all enjoy this latest heaping serving of house.  I aim to please.  Next week we’ll be taking a massive detour to the realm of the unexpected before jumping into the Fall Edition.  Until then …ENJOY!

Album : Grade “A” House
Artists : Various
Genre : House, Disco, Funk
Length : 1:22:56

1. Funky Freakz – Sunshine (Original Mix)

2. Mancini – Lose Control (eSQUIRE’s Movin’ Kind of Fast Remix)

3. Chris Kaeser, Stonebridge, Krista Richards – Love Me (Garrett, Ojelay Remix)

4. Cerrone vs. Sweet Connection – Misunderstanding (Luca Cassani Club Mix)

5. Flapjackers – Pick Up The Pieces (Original Mix)

6. Grayson P. – Dancin’ On The (Original Mix)

7. ABC vs. 100% feat. Jennifer John – Cant Wait For The Look Of Love (Mr.Root Bootleg)

8. Marc JB – Pay Dirt (Original Mix)

9. Funky Truckerz feat. Romaine & Gathan Cheema – Hallucinating Love (DJ Flight & Sanya Shelest Remix)

10. Deadmau5 vs. Billy Newton-Davis – All You Ever Want (Crazibiza Vocal Mix)

11. Jo Manji – Long Train (Andrey Zenkoff Remix)

12. Something Good feat. Sansa – Before Dawn (The Shapeshifters Remix)

13. Sandy B – World Go Round(Garrett & Ojelay 2012 Remode)

14. Pray For More feat. Annette Taylor – This Time Baby 2012 (Soul Avengerz Remix)

15. Kevin Prise & Peter Brown – Higher ‘N’ Higher (Club Mix)

16. Reza feat. Daisy Dela Diva – No Man 2012 (Original Mix)

17. Amerie – 1 Thing (Soul Seekerz Remix)

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