Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Pride 2015 Volume 2 | Even More Big-Ass Circuit Beats

Somewhere this week I lost a day.  I’d swear yesterday was Thursday and stayed up all night binging on the new Netflix series “Sense8.”  As a result, I rolled out of bed later than my usual 6am only to realize that today was already Saturday and that I missed my Pride post for yesterday.  Better late than never and I believe you will be pleased because this sucker is gonna blow the roof off!

The United States is on the cusp of a MAJOR change in policy toward gay marriages.  The SCOTUS is set to hand down a decision challenging a ban on same-sex marriage that will have a rippling effect throughout all 50 states.  Just because I recently had a failed 14-year relationship that didn’t get to see this important recognition DOES NOT mean I have soured on EQUALITY FOR ALL.  To the contrary, gay rights have come a long way in this country but it’s been a difficult journey, to say the least, and things have been moving fast over the past five years.

In short, this decision is expected to split the court with a swing vote by Justice Kennedy tipping the scale in our favor.  Even if marriage is not an important issue for you personally, this decision will be historic and will pull out another peg from the four-legged stool of injustice that has been plaguing the LGBT community for a lifetime.  Party Favorz stands in full support of the rights of these good folks and their families to finally have the recognition they rightfully deserve.

As I had mentioned in my prior post, my domain ( is set to renew on June 18th as is the hosting for the site.  I had their top-tier package last year but after looking at the cheapest possible options, I figured I can get away with their base plan.  While this site drums up quite a bit of traffic, most of you good folks who follow me regularly get your updates through the various social media options I have available and in the majority of cases off of your phones.  You can thank Big Brother, uh I mean Google Analytics for providing this invaluable information.

Nevertheless, I still need to maintain my presence on the internet with the site from which all these alternative sources of accessing my content are available.  So, I went ahead and re-opened the Party Favorz Vault and am once again offering unlimited access to ALL of my past podcasts for a flat rate of $40 annually.  Since this is the month of Pride, I am also offering access to just the Pride folder and the majority of its contents (including the classic Pride sets) for a flat rate of $10 through July 4th.  I plan on providing low-quality streaming on them in the next couple of hours for those that are interested.

For those of you who already subscribe, I have re-added the PayPal button on the front page so that you might consider a one-time donation to help offset my costs.  I need to come up with $60, which for the most part is not a lot, but after my recent split with Rick, money IS too tight to mention.  In the interest of keeping Party Favorz afloat, please consider donating $5, $10, or anything you can afford.  In the immortal words of Depeche Mode, “everything counts (even) in small amounts.”

I’ll be back next week with the earlier-than-usual Beach House Edition.  Until then …HAPPY GAY PRIDE and as always ENJOY!

Album : Pride Edition 2015 v2
Genre : Circuit, Tribal, Progressive, House
Year : 2015
Total Time : 01:27:56
  1. Madonna – Ghosttown (Offer Nissim Drama Mix)2. Cyril G. & Leomeo – Muscles (Edson Pride & Erick Fabbri Remix)
  2. Taito Tikaro & Flavio Zarza feat. Estela Martin – Say That You Want Me (Tribaland Remix)
  3. Craig C. & Paco G. feat Svrcina – (We Can Change House of Labs Club Mix)
  4. Allan Natal feat. Nicky Valentine – You Won’t Bring Me Down (Allan Abdalla Reconstruction Remix)
  5. Sia – Beautiful People Say (Eduardo Brava AfterRIO Mash)
  6. Annie Lennox – I Put A Spell On You (Las Bibas Diva Club Remix)
  7. Barry Harris feat. Pepper Mashay – Dive In The Pool (Antonio Mendez Bootleg)
  8. Steven Redant feat. Eliad Cohen – Who’s Your Daddy
  9. Hoxton Whores feat. Lisa Williams – Touch Me (Original)
  10. Malea – One Hot Mess (Rosabel Club Remix)
  11. Felicia Punzo – Sound My Heart Makes (Tony Moran Club Mix)
  12. Rozalla – If You Say It Again (DJ Laszlo Club Remix)
  13. Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls (Ranny’s Peak Hour Mix)
  14. Rafael Lelis & Regina – Let Your Body (Original Mix)
  15. Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive Remix (Dino Mix Producer 2015)
  16. Conchita Wurst – You Are Unstoppable (Rich B & Phil Marriott Club Mix)
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