Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Gay Pride Edition 2008 Volume 4

Well, this is the fourth and final installment of the 2008 Pride Edition.  As promised, I went much lighter on this mix.  Altogether, you’ll find it to be fun, funky and full of camp, just the kinda a sing-a-long frivolity that gay gatherings are all about.  I decided to bring this out a day earlier so I can wrap things up and take a much-needed break.  Last week I stated that the majority of Pride events were in full swing, when in fact it’s this week.  I don’t know, sometimes I think I live on Planet B (blonde).  Oh well, I can’t be on top of everything all the time.

Anywho, If I’m lucky, I’ll have the next Electro-Funk Edition ready to go next weekend.  If not, you guys may just have to wait another week.  My plate has loaded up again, so I’ll be trying to juggle my adult duties with my playtime.  When I do come back, I’ve got some big changes in store.  I’ve started working on a whole new look and feel for the site that should be fresh and funky.  I’m hoping to debut the new look at the same time, but I’ll just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

Those of you who are celebrating Pride or still have yet to start the festivities in your area (like Atlanta), live your life and be free, gay and happy…yeah, I’m starting to like that phrase.  I should be checking back in sometime after the 4th, so until then…Enjoy!

Album : Pride Edition v4
Genre : Funky, House, Circuit
Year : 2008
Total Time : 1:20:01:00

Track : 1
Title : Me (Soul Seekerz Club Mix)
Artist : Tamia

Track : 2
Title : Anything Is Possible (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix)
Artist : Mary Kiani

Track : 3
Title : Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent (Wayne G. & Porl Young Betty Ford Mix)
Artist : 7th Heaven feat. Katherine Ellis

Track : 4
Title : I’ve Never Been To Me (Sophisticatz Funky Remix)
Artist : Eye Witness feat. Charlene Oliver

Track : 5
Title : Enjoy Yourself (7th Heaven Mix)
Artist : Viola Wills

Track : 6
Title : Get This Party Started (Chris Cox Club Mix)
Artist : Dame Shirley Bassey

Track : 7
Title : Hot Shot 2008 (Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Remix)
Artist : Karen Young

Track : 8
Title : A Higher Place 2008 (7th Heaven Remix)
Artist : Peyton

Track : 9
Title : Bleeding Love (Moto Blanco Vocal Club Mix)
Artist : Leona Lewis

Track : 10
Title : You Make Me Feel Good 2008 (Club Junkies Mix)
Artist : Pat Hodges

Track : 11
Title : When You Touch Me (Original Club Mix)
Artist : Freemasons feat. Katherine Ellis

Track : 12
Title : Free Gay & Happy (Extended Vocal Mix)
Artist : Verde feat. Justine

Track : 13
Title : Just Fine (Moto Blanco Remix)
Artist : Mary J. Blige

Track : 14
Title : Fade (Grant Nelson Big Room Vocal Mix)
Artist : Solu Music feat. Kimblee

Track : 15
Title : The Boss (Love In The Club Mix)
Artist : Kristine W

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