Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!
Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Spring Break 2018 | Top Dance Club Hits March

I’m dropping the Spring Break 2018 set a week early due to familial issues back in Texas, which I’ll get to in just a moment. This set is compiled of the current top dance club hits or those that will soon be. As usual, Party Favorz is way ahead of the curb in the latest dance hits before they come onto your radar.

I’ve caught on to a trend that’s been consistent for a long while now. The Circuit Tribal House and EDM Dance Club set I put out generates a lot of heat on its initial release. This is from what I call the early adopters. Three months later, these very same sets explode even more as folks become more familiar with the songs. A good example is the Holiday Edition 2017 had been riding high for the past couple of weeks. That was released in December. I wade through hundreds of submissions from labels, DJs, and charts for each compilation every month. I then research and compile the tracks I think will click with users. I throw in a few things I know won’t but I’m digging as the DJ’s pick. I’m not always right but overall I have a pretty damn good track record [pat on the back]. Don’t be surprised to see this set ride up the “Popular” list and then quickly drop down and then reemerge in June again at the top. It happens all the time.

Since I’m going to be out of the loop for a while, I want to send out a friendly reminder that I’m trying to raise $183 for the website hosting that renews on April 12th. Currently, we are now at $96.00 with only $86 more to go. The way I see it is that the average number of downloads per episode over the past 12 months is approximately 1,000 users. Some are more than others but that’s the average. If just a quarter of you donated $1.00 towards my efforts for providing you with downtime pleasure I could easily make this up without the hassle of begging. I would clear about .80 cents after PayPal gets their cut. I know we can do this. Once again, I’d to thank Ludovic D. (who has been more than generous this year) and Ignacio G. for their contributions. Please consider donating here.

In other news, my father is currently in in-house hospice care. He’s not expected to make it through the weekend. My mother has already made arrangements to move from Houston to the Dallas suburbs to be closer to my sister at the end of April. There will be two services for my father and I’m hoping to attend the second in Dallas so I can see my nephews and niece at that time. My mother wants to have his ashes sent from Houston to Dallas so they can bury him there. My father is my best friend and I’ve already missed our Sunday conversations as he spews his FOX news talking points and I counter with my liberal positions. This is a hard one for me, and I’m unsure how to handle it. Sometimes, I just dig into my work to provide a distraction.

I’ve already compiled the tracks for the next Underground House set and may just work on it shortly to have it ready as a stop-gap later in April. I just know I have to walk away for a while but I will be back so don’t freak out.

A lot is going on this weekend with the March for Our Lives in DC headed by some very aggressively smart kids. If you live in the area, please get out and support them if you can. It’s time to take back our country. This is going to be followed up by a “60 Minutes” interview with Stormy Daniels on Sunday. I won’t go into the lurid details as this has been all over the news recently unless you watch FOX, in which case they don’t report the news only propaganda to satisfy those who choose live in their non-reality-based bubble.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and enjoys their Spring Break whether it’s this weekend or next. Living close to South Padre Island, I always had a great time during Spring Break, though I won’t go into my escapades as I was a wild child unleashed. The stories I could tell. I’ll be back soon enough. Until then…ENJOY!

Album: Spring Break 2018
Genre: EDM, House, Club, Dance
Year: 2018
Total Time: 01:58:40
  1. Lost Frequencies & Zonderling – Crazy (Dash Berlin Remix)
  2. Marshmello & Anne-Marie – Friends (Kokiri Remix)
  3. Liam Payne feat. Rita Ora – For You (Cosmic Dawn Remix)
  4. Iggy Azalea – Savior (MAGIXX Club Mix)
  5. Indian Trap feat. Kreszenzia – Look Like Monayyy (2AM Project Retro Future Remix)
  6. Enrique Iglesias feat. Bad Bunny – El Bano (DJLW Extended)
  7. MC Fioti – Bum Bum Tam Tam (Jax Jones Extended)
  8. M.O & Lotto Boyzz & Mr. Eazi – Bad Vibe (James Hype Remix)
  9. Azure – Too Late (TRP Remix)
  10. Pink – Beautiful Trauma (StoneBridge & Damien Hall Extended Mix)
  11. Hearts & Colors – Too Many Friends (Parx Extended Remix)
  12. The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me (Clarx Remix)
  13. Dua Lipa – IDGAF (Country Club Martini Crew Remix)
  14. Kesha – This Is Me (Dave Aude Extended)
  15. Rita Ora – Anywhere (Cristian Poow Club Mix)
  16. CliQ feat. Alika – Wavey (Nathan Jain Extended Remix)
  17. Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel (Barry Harris Mix)
  18. Mabel feat. Not3s – Fine Line (James Hype Extended)
  19. Sigala feat. Paloma Faith – Lullaby (Jason Reilly Remix)
  20. Dave Aude feat. King Brown – Perfect To Me (Dirty Werk Club Mix)
  21. B Young, 23 Unofficial & Chip – Jumanji (Shift K3y Remix)
  22. DJ Snake – Magenta Riddim (Lumberjack Remix)
  23. MK – 17 (Dark Intensity Remix)
  24. Zedd feat. Maren Morris & Grey – The Middle (CraigWelsh vs. Andrey Exx & Sharapov Pop Mix)
  25. Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton – Say Something (Andy Manning Remix)
  26. VASSY & Afrojack feat. Oliver Rosa – Lost (Kue Mix)
  27. Rudimental feat. Jess Glynne Macklemore & Dan Caplen – These Days (AJR Remix)
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