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Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 17 years!

Madonna Celebration 2013 | The Diva Series

After a failed promise to binge on the Material Girl this week, I’m at least keeping one promise to bring you a brand-spanking-new set chock-full of Madonna goodness.

Every crazed fan of Madonna knows there are a plethora of bootleg remixes of her extensive catalog. So much so, it’s damn near impossible to keep up with it. Nevertheless, several sites do.

My goal for this set was to focus on the last four albums and then cherry-pick a bounty of some of the best bootlegs that rework songs as far back as her debut in 1981. This was no easy task as you have to plow through so much crap to get to the good stuff. Then when I do find that gem, the quality ain’t all that great and I have the daunting task of cleaning it up to make it suitable to sandwich between more current productions giving you the listener the illusion that it’s fresh, new, and recently produced.

Ultimately, I do believe I have met that goal and think you folks are in for a damn good treat! If you’re wondering why I didn’t re-post the older sets that I promised; it was because between work (that kind that pays) and work (that kind that doesn’t) I just didn’t have time to worry about anything else if this was to be finished on time, which as you can see is one day late.

So, the song titles will stick out when you go through the tracklist, but the actual remixes may or may not. No worries, every one of the bootlegs was hand-picked by yours truly as a winner guaranteeing you’re gonna enjoy this set.

I do want to point out that Holiday (Barry Harris Mix) as you may know it, may or may not have been put together by him. I decided to re-title it to reflect what it actually is; that is a mashup between Holiday and Dave Aude’s remix of Lady Gaga’s Alejandro. Dave’s remix of that song was never my favorite but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a perfect match that brings Holiday into the millennial and makes it sound current.  Listen for the “don’t call on me” hook from Lady G. and then you’ll get it.

That being said, Party Favorz wants to wish Ms. Madonna Louise Ciccone a very happy belated birthday. Madonna is no stranger to the Diva Hall of Fame because she fucking rules it! So, all the other bitches need to stand back because Mama’s IN THE HOUSE!

Until the next time…ENJOY!

Album : The Diva Series – Madonna 2013
Genre : EDM
Year : 2013
Total Time : 1:51:36

1. Girl Gone Wild (Dave Aude Mixshow)
2. Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix)
3. Revolver (David Guetta Extended Mix)
4. Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Extended Mix)
5. Gang Bang (Bit Error Remix)
6. Erotica (New Puzzle Remix)
7. Frozen (Franck Martinez Remix)
8. Rain (Carlos Audio 2011 Mix)
9. Ray Of Light (303 Dreams Remix)
10. Music (Monsieur Adi Remix)
11. Get Together (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)
12. Dress You Up (Liam Keegan 2011 Remix)
13. Into the Groove (Sidechains Remix)
14. Nothing Fails (Jason Nevins Big Room Rock Mix)
15. 4 Minutes (Junkie XL Remix)
16. Hung Up (Overwerk 12-30 vs. Mind-Tronic Vocal Edit)
17. Like A Prayer (Adi Perez Remix)
18. Turn Up The Radio (Martin Solveig Remix)
19. Holiday (M vs. Aude vs. Gaga)
20. Lucky Star (Stay By My Side Sebissimo Mix)
21. Miles Away (Morgan Page Remix)
22. Don’t Tell Me (Late Dance Mix)
23. Celebration (Oakenfold Remix)

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